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How does adult ADD impact individuals? By ted mark

  in Medical Business | Published 2014-08-03 04:13:47 | 387 Reads | Unrated


There are two main types of ADHD in adults. These are grouped by the effects they have on the individual. Adult ADD is the disorder that will show more signs of attention deficiency and fewer

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There are two main types of ADHD in adults. These are grouped by the effects they have on the individual. Adult ADD is the disorder that will show more signs of attention deficiency and fewer signs of hyperactivity and impulsivity.

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In the hyperactive expression, individuals will express physical restlessness in various way, and will frequently look for new stimuli to compensate for their under-stimulated brains.


The other form of ADHD in adults is focused on inattention. This is also called Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, predominantly inattentive type or by some, Attention Deficit Disorder.


To those who know adults with ADD, aware of those adult's condition or not, the behaviors are hard to ignore, and can be wrongly attributed to negative personality traits such as laziness, selfishness or lack of interest. This, together with the diminishing effect on the adult's own performance are very good reasons to seek help.


Adults undertake many projects throughout the course of their lives, whether at home, at work or in a social capacity. Some of these may require more vigilant mental efforts than others. Individuals that suffer from adult ADD often avoid starting projects, especially when the project seems overwhelming or mundane. To others, this may appear as lack of discipline or organization, but the reality is that the under-stimulated  brain of those with ADHD  paired with poor executive functioning will cause procrastination that is only broken by the high stimulation induced by last-minute deadlines.


When talking to a person that suffers from adult ADD, people may also notice certain behaviors in communication that can be polarized. They may respond to questions with doubt and hesitation or with too much certainty. They may have difficulty focusing on conversations or be too intently focused. The loss of attention while someone is speaking can result in loss of meaning, misunderstanding or not knowing important details. The individual processes information more slowly, but in more depth than others.


Obsessive behavior can also be trait of ADD. Due to a perseverance deficit, individuals can create overly rigid structures and behaviors as compensation or a coping mechanism. Transitioning to new tasks is often difficult because their routines have take so much time to establish and change can be highly disrupting. In the world of work, change is inevitable and this can make it difficult to hold on to a challenging job or to be a part of a complex project. Underemployment and not working to the person's intellectual potential often result.


The treatment for ADHD in adults is usually based on the expression and severity of symptoms. Medication is offered to keep the symptoms under control, but they do not treat the disorder. The need for medication is often lifelong, although some research shows that repeating good habits and behaviors can cause positive adaptations in brain circuitry. Medication alone provides a good basis for further improvements based on learning new skills that may have been compromised in childhood, for the stronger possibility of life success.


Medication is not a prerequisite to coaching but diagnosis by a medical professional is highly recommended. Once empowered by the knowledge of having the condition, it is a good idea to read widely amongst the various resources on the web. Once you have got a good sense about ADHD, consider as a coaching resource that could help you.

Finding ADHD in adults is prevalent around 5% of the adult population. If you live with adult ADD and you want to find a structured way you can improve your life, you should consider visiting to understand their methods and approach.



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