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How to Choose the Right Natural Skin Care Products for Acne? By David John

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Flawless skin is a dream you start seeing immediately after getting into your teens. Acne, pores etc. start troubling you in your teens, and the skin troubles just keep growing with time and age.

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Flawless skin is a dream you start seeing immediately after getting into your teens. Acne, pores etc. start troubling you in your teens, and the skin troubles just keep growing with time and age.

But, there are some who have acne-prone skin, and suffer with breakouts throughout the year. They need to keep a check not only on their skin products but also the cosmetics they use, so that their acne is not worsened. If you use a rather sticky moisturizer, chances are your skin might get affected by acne, that you have been keeping at bay for a long time.

While people say acn

e-prone skin does not need moisturizing, it is not really true; even acne prone skin should be moisturized on a daily basis to keep it clean and smooth. There are certain ingredients that you just cannot use, while there are others that you must necessarily use. Here we will take you through creams, moisturizers and masks that you can apply to your acne-prone skin to ensure acne free skin. Let's see how you should fight acne on a daily basis.

Cleanse your Skin

A proper regime includes cleansing the skin so that you can get rid of pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. To cleanse the skin, you should use honey face wash (make it at home for better results). Massage it along your face and neck, and clean it with warm water. You should follow this routine twice a day, not more than that for the best results.

Tone your Skin

Proper toning can help remove any residue dirt that remains on the skin after cleansing, so that impurities leading to acne are no longer present on your skin. For this you will need to prepare an apple cider vinegar toner, which you can use twice in a day. Apply the toner on your skin with cotton, ensuring you massage the acne prone areas. The magnesium and potassium in this toner will help kill the bacteria, and heal the skin.

Masks and Scrubs

Masks and scrubs are necessary to help exfoliate your skin, and provide it with the necessary nutrients. It will help your skin stay hydrated through the day. For masks, you can use yogurt, honey and other essential oils as ingredients as they help fight common acne problems in the skin.

Mix yogurt with honey and apply it along the line of your face. Leave it for 10 minutes before you remove it with a damp cloth. The honey and cinnamon mask also works in the same way. You can add tea tree oil to this mask for better results.

Scrubs are essential to remove the clogs in pores, and get rid of dead skin. There are a lot of scrubs available on the market, but they contain toxins that can harm your acne prone skin. Sea salt, brown sugar and oatmeal are classic ingredients for a scrub. You can also use coconut oil, and honey as ingredients to prepare a scrub.

Tea tree oil is an antiseptic that you can use to heal wounds. It is most commonly used to treat spots and patches on the skin. Mix tea tree oil with coconut oil and dab it along the problem areas. This will help treat the acne prone areas, and give you clear skin.

Treating acne-prone skin requires constant efforts and a daily regime in place. Make sure you use natural skin care products for acne for better and long-lasting results.


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