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How to Find Rewarding CAD Jobs in Mumbai? By Prabhat Ranjit Singh

  in Career | Published 2018-04-13 02:32:52 | 263 Reads | Unrated


CAD or Computer-aided Designs are becoming the preference of engineers, architects and other professionals for designing buildings, architectural structures or even designing aeroplanes. This article is helpful for potential candidates as well as companies wanting to recruit employees or who wish to pursue careers in any of the above-mentioned fields.

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What is CAD?

Contemporary architecture demands brilliant designs and engineering concepts to develop unique structures. CAD or Computer-aided Designs are becoming the preference of engineers, architects and other professionals for designing buildings, architectural structures or even designing aeroplanes. A CAD system is a combination of hardware and software enabling engineers and architects to create 2D technical drawings. Besides the software, CAD systems require a high-quality graphics monitor, a mouse, a light pen or a digitizing tablet for drawing and a special printer or

plotter for printing design specifications. Using CAD systems, engineers can view the designs from multiple angles, zoom in and out or implement changes that reflect on the entire design.

While the entire population can appreciate splendid architectural wonders, the demand for CAD services are on a steady increase. AutoCAD is considered the most popular CAD software and has high employment potential.

Education and Training for AutoCAD Draftsmen

There are multiple CAD and web courses available to train candidates and introduce them to rewarding careers. These are:

  • Architectural BIM Internship Mumbai Program
  • MEP (Mechanical, HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing) BIM Internship
  • Architectural Visualization Master Class
  • UI/UX to Website Master Class
  • Responsive Web Design Master Class
  • Graphic Design Master Class

After completion of CAD courses or architectural internship Mumbai programs, candidates can apply for CAD vacancies in Mumbai. There are 2-month paid internship programs providing candidates with valuable experience in the field.

Highly Paid Jobs for AutoCAD Draftsmen and Designers

With the ever-increasing demand for architectural structures, employment opportunities for AutoCAD draftsmen and engineers have steadily multiplied from 2017 to 2022. They can easily find high-paying employment in architecture, construction, medical or aerospace engineering. AutoCAD-trained draftsmen also have plenty of other career opportunities.

Recruitment agencies offer rewarding CAD job opportunities at Mumbai MNCs that require drafting and design professionals.

Prabhat Singh heads Grey Edge, a leading Autodesk AutoCAD training centre that also offers Architectural internship Mumbai for students and professionals wanting to pursue a career in this field and eventually secure a job as there are several CAD Vacancies in Mumbai. Prabhat has been instrumental in designing many types of curriculums for students and professionals related to domains, such as architecture, engineering, interior design and web designing and development.



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Prabhat Ranjit Singh is the Head of Recruitment and Training at XS CAD’s Autodesk Training Centre, one of the leading providers of classroom-based and online Autodesk Revit online training courses to building services firms and professionals. Based in Mumbai, India, this CAD training centre also provides Revit training classes to students and educational institutes in and around Mumbai.