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How to Get Paid to Play New Games By Robert Corter

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It seems like a fun idea to get paid to play new games For game developing companies, churning out quality video games is important to its customer base

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It seems like a fun idea to get paid to play new games. For game developing companies, churning out quality video games is important to its customer base. Hiring more than competent video games testers, therefore, becomes imperative. For a potential video games tester, this is a dream come true as the gaming industry boasts of $50 billion revenues even in a sluggish worldwide economy. Playing video games as a job is always in demand and playing video games is a cheap way to pass the time and forget about one’s troubles.

Before applying to become a tester of new g
ames, there are several things to consider. Several gaming websites set up the games online and let the tester play to earn cash. However, if one wants to become a serious game tester, he or she must meet several qualifications before applying for the job. One of the legal requirements is to be over 18 years old in order to qualify to get paid to play new games. A game tester must be able to write excellent reviews as this will be the main thing that the company will expect to get for the money that they paid the tester.

Other video game developing companies need proof of the applicant’s gaming expertise. This means that the potential games tester must start with smaller opportunities and work up the ladder. It is never too early to be a tester of new video games as this may become a full time occupation.

Aside from reputable game developing companies like Electronic Arts (EA) and Blizzard, aspiring video games testers may also want to check out websites like iWon and iWon is great for testers who want to earn money playing games. The site gives the tester the opportunity to earn cash for winning games. Special cash incentives are also available. Joining iWon is free.

One can also earn by playing and testing games at TournamentGames. A common game to begin with is Tournament Solitaire. When one signs up for free, there are a lot of games to choose from. When one signs up, the player will get $10 worth of credits. Another site for testing games is WorldWinner. When playing games, one can also compete for prizes. In WorldWinner, one can play favorites like Pool and FreeCell.

Why do companies hire people who want to get paid to play new games? Game developers need their products to be reviewed in order for customers to know more about the product before purchasing. The game testers provide the reviews and these testers play the games before the games are released to the public. When one becomes a game tester, one will get cash for each game they play and write about.

Some game companies even pay testers for joining their site to become members. One will normally receive five games weekly, depending on the game developer. One can also earn $10 for every game tested. There are many chances for one to play different new games. The bottom line is: one gets to enjoy and play games. One gets paid doing it, too.

Are you looking for information on get paid to play new games? Visit today!

Are you looking for information on get paid to play new games? Visit today!



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