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How to Perfect the Best Cookie? By Pankaj Sharma

  in Cooking | Published 2015-10-29 04:38:10 | 565 Reads | Unrated


Just a little tweak here and there in your ingredients will give you the best cookie ever and most importantly of your choice, be it fluffy, chewier or thinner. Here’s mentioned Few things how you can perfect the best cookie.

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You put little round shaped balls of white dough into the oven and out pop up crispy, brown, tasty biscuits. Yes, baking cookies is that magical! Remember how grandma used to bake cookies one at a time? How she used to check each cookie for its chewiness, crunch and softness? Then how she used to add that one extra spoon of flour or sugar till she had a perfect cookie! Well, you can still have the best cookies to your delight along with the best cake baking equipments, cake moulds online India and <

a href="">cake decorating items online India.

There’s a lot more to a cookie than it bulging out, tripling in volume and darkening its colour with cracks on its surface. It’s the chemistry; or rather we can say the baking chemistry!

But then, how can you master this cookie baking chemistry? We will tell you. Just a little tweaks here and there in your ingredients will give you the best cookie ever and most importantly of your choice, be it fluffy, chewier or thinner.

Few things you should know that are associated with a cookie before you proceed to perfect one:

Spread: As the cookie dough gets heated, it melts the butter inside it. The structured ball loses its shape and spreads out. Hence, the diameter of the cookie has to be set based on the length of its expansion.

Rise: The water in the dough turns to steam after a particular temperature is reached. Hence, the cookie rises just as the vapors push through the inside of the dough. Now, baking powder or soda starts breaking down into carbon dioxide gas which further raises the cookie. These releasing gases form small holes in the cookie making it even lighter.

Colour and flavor: It is now that the magic begins. Firstly, caramelization occurs when sugars in the dough break down by transforming the clear crystals into a brown liquid wing with aroma and taste. Secondly, cookie gets its nutty, toasty and savory flavor due to the breakdown of flour and egg. It darkens the surface of the cookie.

Here’s how you can perfect the best cookie:

  • Diameter and thickness of the cookie can be controlled by controlling the temperature of butter and amount of flour in the dough.
  • If you add melted butter in the dough instead of butter chunks, the dough will get wet faster and spread faster. This further gives out a flat and wide cookie.
  • For a chewier cookie, use melted butter as it creates smaller and more number of holes.
  • For a fluffier cookie, add chunks of cold butter in the dough. This leads to a creation of large pockets of air making the cookie softer.
  • Use more flour for a thicker cookie.
  • Swapping baking soda for baking powder gives you fluffier cookies as well. This is because; a baking powder leavens the cookie by producing carbon dioxide gas when it heats up while baking.
  • Spruce up your cookie’s flavor by adding dark sugars to your dough. White granulated sugar doesn't work that well when it comes to caramelization as compared to honey, brown sugar or molasses. The reason being these packed with fructose and glucose. Hence, these give out rich tastes.

So, we would say, where’s there’s a cookie, there’s the taste!



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