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How to Perform Backups to Recover Your Database? By opal jag

  in Marketing | Published 2017-02-06 12:03:27 | 111 Reads | Unrated


In the real world, database on the server will continue to extend storage space. Then obviously it’s necessary to backup the huge database and restore it.

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In the real world, database on the server will continue to extend its storage space, often ranging from giga bytes to multiple terabytes in most of the productive environments. Then obviously it is necessary to backup the huge database. If you think backup of your database is waste of storage space, then consider how much time it will take to recreate the whole data. So creating backup for your database is important when there are many users accessing the database.

Once you have completed the backup pr

ocess, next step is to restore data when it is necessary. To restore data the reasons are endless, may be hardware failure, software crash or you want to restore data on server, but the main thing is to backup the data.


Initially there are many ways to backup the database.

Plan Regular Backups

Before altering or updating the database it is best to create backup for your database. For example, when you use any query to delete or alter the row in the database, any value that is being updated by the query cannot be restored with the undo. So before updating the database it’s necessary to create backup file.

If your database has many users then make sure that all users should close their database to create the backup file. If you think how often have to backup the database, then it depends on how often you will update the database.

Backup a Database

When you create backup file, it saves users access and close other objects that are open in design view and saves a copy of database by using specific name and location. Even you can change the file name if you want, but the default file contains both the original filename and the backup file name. This default name will be easier to restore data from backup files and you will get to know from which database backup came from and when the backup is created.

Backup Spilt Database

The spilt database typically consists of two files i.e. back end database and front end database. The back-end database contains data in tables, whereas front- end database contains links to the tables in the back-end database, queries, forms and other data objects. Mainly all data are stored in back-end database and other user interface design and formats are stored in the front-end database.

Since both files are dependent on each other, if you spilt backup database then it can be time consuming to do this frequently. So it’s important to backup both front-end and back-end database.

After completing the backup process, next step is to restore the backup files when there is any problem with the hardware devices or software crash.

Restore Database

If you want to restore the backup file, import the backup file from database and update with the new data that you want to restore. For this process you should use command Back Up Database to access the backup files. When you restore a whole database, you can replace with the damaged database or you can replace with the missing data. 

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