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How to Put a Pleasurable Spin to Champagneprovning i Göteborg By emmy sule

  in Cooking | Published 2016-12-22 02:49:09 | 610 Reads | Unrated


Champagne tasting is a common affair. This sparkly drink is used during several celebratory moments. Similarly to wine tasting, there are few criteria for champagne tasting too.

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Celebrations are incomplete without the finest of food and champagne. This sparkling drink is used for celebrating several moments. Serve it during coming Christmas dinner, New Year’s Eve party or to enjoy a quiet night with friends. Champagne is also popular during weddings for making toast, celebrate goal accomplishments, etc. It has been stated that about 1500 million bottles of sparkling wine gets produced yearly. But only 200 million bottles are genuine ones (, CHAMPAGNE THE CELEBRATION DRINK, 2016).

Before serving champagne, it is importa

nt to store it at a cool place. Champagne must not be served too chilled. Otherwise, it ruins the bubbles and aroma. It must be preferably served between 44 to 48 degrees. Champagne must be filled with aromatic flavor when served. In European countries, champagne is often connected with luxuriousness. Champagneprovning i Göteborg, Sweden, etc are a common affair. The use of champagne is a great alternative for a tasting event. Similar to organizing wine tasting events, there are quite a few similar factors to consider. Here are few examples.


First, evaluate the champagne before sipping from the glass. Look out for the colors and bubbles. The good characteristic of champagne is how bright it pops out. During champagne tasting one must not swirl their glass. Unlike a wine tasting affair, one must skip this step. Swirling the glass also cause bubbles to let loose. The champagne must be poured slowly into the glass. While pouring, it is necessary to make sure not much foam is created. Let the champagne rests for few minutes. Then slowly sip for tasting. But restrain away from swirling the glass.


While sipping the champagne, one should roll it around their mouth. One can slowly take notes on the taste and flavors. Since the taste might vary, one can take their time to identify each drink glass. The idea of blind tasting might be a new concept for some people. They can try few glasses of champagne to figure out and differentiate different flavors infused.  


The final step is the most interesting one for champagneprovning. After finishing last sip, one can evaluate on the aftertaste. Think in terms of how long the flavors linger on. It is believed that champagne quality can be assessed though the longevity of the flavors that lingers on. 

A tasting event such as this allows invitees to indulge in fine distinction of food and drinks. Companies like Aveqia organize mat och vin tasting and champagne tasting, taking care of all details. More information and details can be found on their website.



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Acacia hary :way to put an interesting spin for Champagneprovning i Göteborg you share quite impressive. I appreciate your way. vex

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