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How to Sell a Home on Your Own and Make a Profit By Simon Volkov

  in Real Estate | Published 2011-11-27 07:14:16 | 1330 Reads | Unrated


Learning how to sell a home on your own can lead to a rewarding and profitable transaction It can also lead to financial ruin if proper protocol is not followed

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Learning how to sell a home on your own can lead to a rewarding and profitable transaction. It can also lead to financial ruin if proper protocol is not followed. Those who attempt to sell real estate without becoming educated about the process can place their self at legal risk.

It is relatively easy to learn how to sell a home on your own. The Internet provides a plethora of home selling information and resources. Public libraries can also be a good source. In addition to loaning real estate books, libraries often carry a selection of realty courses presented on DVD.
r /> Many real estate investors offer for sale by owner real estate courses. Some are conducted in classrooms, while others are presented online or can be purchased for viewing at home. Before investing in how to sell real estate courses, it is wise to conduct research on the investor or investment group offering the information.

Homeowners offering property using For Sale by Owner (FSBO) contracts are required to follow the same protocol as real estate agents. Home inspections and property appraisals must be obtained. Purchase agreements must be recorded through local courts.

Multiple options exist for obtaining FSBO information. Some of the more popular sources include local real estate clubs and online groups. Real estate clubs include a mix of realty professionals. It is not uncommon to meet mortgage lenders, mortgage brokers, realtors, home inspectors, property appraisers, and real estate lawyers.

Joining real estate clubs allows property owners the chance to network with professionals to obtain information or potential leads. When embarking on selling FSBO property, it is beneficial to network with professionals to obtain the necessary resources for selling houses.

One way to expedite the sale of your home is to develop a real estate marketing plan. There are several ways to announce the sale such as creating a website to showcase the home or taking out ads in local newspapers and realty magazines. Other options include creating flyers for distribution, print advertising, online videos, and radio or TV commercials.

FSBO marketing tools can easily be located via the Internet. Many sources offer premade templates for creating signs, postcards, and flyers. Individuals can purchase FSBO sales contracts for a nominal fee. There are several for sale by owner websites that allow sellers to publish photos and information regarding their property.

Today's real estate market is known as a buyer's market. In order to close a sale, property owners must be creative and savvy in order to make their home stand out from the hundreds of homes for sale in the area.

Buyers can choose from an abundance of foreclosure and bank owned properties with purchase prices below market value. Sellers must offer competitive pricing and prepare to throw in incentives such as sporting event tickets or household furnishings to attract buyers.

When homeowners want to obtain the best price for their home they should be prepared to make necessary repairs and home renovations. The best way to attract buyers is to spruce up the exterior of the home to provide curb appeal. It is important to remove debris and thoroughly clean the home's exterior. If necessary, apply a fresh coat of paint or powerwash vinyl siding.

Selling a home on your own requires commitment to keeping the property in excellent condition. It is imperative to learn the process of how to sell a home on your own before placing a For Sale sign on the front lawn. Otherwise, you could wait months or years to locate a suitable buyer or end up losing money.



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