To rise your bid you must have to follow some tips : The most important thing is th"/>

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How to increase the probability to get project in freelance By meena lemos

  in Advice | Published 2016-12-16 05:44:17 | 194 Reads | Unrated


To rise your bid you must have to follow some tips : The most important thing is that how to sum up your description about "why your are the best among all" here you just read the full description of project one to two time and co-relate your skills with them write only thing which client or employer want to know as if client is posting a project "Website build for a company "likewise first you have to mention on your description what plate-form he want to choose if any CMS please specify and the write your skills like PHP, Wordpress etc. Show your portfolio but keep in mind just show only related website client don’ t want more stuff because they have no time to see this much stuff. Always try to write client name in greeting section if its available on the profile this impact on your presentation. Never use fake portfolio always use those showcase of website in description, you must aware about design plate form and other external thing like API and all. Must use this format (A) Greeting. (B) Arise question if you have any. (c) Show your skills headline in short. (D) Any advice if you want to provide about the project( This shows that you have good knowledge and you are fit to award the project ). (E) Related reference website (Build by you or you aware about all basics). (F) You signature and designation. How to get project in freelancer fresh or new profile: Most of the freelancers have always rise question and off-course this become depression when you bid and bid but nothing you get project awarded to other freelancer or rated profile. What You have to do if you have new freelancer profile? This is always a big question mark to all freelancer who are just started the freelancing from any freelancing portal but now i am here to help them….. First complete your profile with all details as REAL NAME,ADD,REAL PROFILE PICTURE, SKILLS,SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR SELF, EXPERIENCE and all whatever bidding portal asking to verify that some you hear one thing from some experienced that "i can get project with out any complete profile" " I just want to say that don’t take those people words because if client is showing interest on you bid he must visit the profile because from past few year too cheat persons encountered by the most of the bidding portals. As I described previously that short and sweet description more attract the client you must show your related work experience and some website which must build by you. Try to do your starting bid in LOW AMOUNT because this time your preference is not get money its your start of journey so lets try to go for MINIMUM budget. If you have follow the above things you have more probability to get award the project.When you get any ping from the client must try to show your talent and do not beg to the client sometime you have chance to treat like the slave due to this attitude. Be professional in attitude great confidence and knowledge of technologies and skills can make you KING OF FREELANCING. I just want to say personally to those who are new in portals Be positive never give up just try and try most of the time it will take to start freelancing journey late but its intermediate journey is too god because this kind of portals you are really teaching to the freelancer about new technologies marketplace and many more thing which not publish anywhere. So" All the Best"



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