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How to promote your music online By Frederic Roger

  in Arts and entertainment | Published 2016-12-13 09:15:53 | 521 Reads | Unrated


Flashpants band is best 80s cover band in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco and Orange County for Wedding Entertainment, Corporate Event, Festival, Private Party, Etc.

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Do you have a 80s cover band San Francisco and you are struggling to have your music played out there? In a field where there are so many bands and artists, it can be difficult to promote your music. However when you are aware of how to market yourself online and be able to connect personally, you will be on the right track to promoting your music like a professional. Here are a few steps that you should follow when trying to promote your music online.



Ensure that the music can sell

This is a key step. Promoting a bad album or track will not bear fruits. This is why it is advisable for you to wait unit a point where you feel that you are now ready to share your music to the world. A good idea would be to try and get reviews from the established bands in the industry. Ensure that you also build relationships with the established names in the industry. You can also try to work with a service that offers music feedback.


Have a brand

While it is more important to promote your music, it would also be good to ensure that you are also promoting yourself. It is important to realize that you are not only a band but also a brand. You will need to ensure that the product is quite appealing. In order to do this, you must look for ways that will help the brand to be exciting and unique.


Understand your target market

Even if you have the best 80s cover band San Francisco, if you have the wrong fan base, you can be sure that the response will not be good. Understand your type of music and the kind of fans that it is likely to appeal to. This will go a long way in helping you reach out to your fan, ensure that you have booked the right venue and sell the music in the right method.


Promote your music on twitter facebook and instagram

A great avenue for reaching your fans and promoting your band is twitter. Ensure that you update your timeline actively with some new information, album releases and events. You can include links where you post your live music and videos. Ensure that you use engaging photos that are able to capture the attention of your audience.

To promote your brand on Facebook, ensure that you have a fan page where you can connect with fans. Post basic information on your music; provide exclusive content and other information on concerts. Include upcoming releases and other information that your fans are interested in knowing about the music. Ensure that you stay connected with your fans by asking for feedback and ensuring that you respond to their comments. This will enable them to connect with you as well as your music.

Instagram can also help you to reach more fans. A good idea would be to ensure that your instagram and Facebook pages are synced so that you can reach more people at the same time. To improve your visibility, be sure to sue some popular hashtags.


Distribute music online

Ensure that your music is available in places such as iTunes, Spotify, Singrush and Deezer. This will give your tribute band a professional look when a fan or venue manage asks where they can find your music.


Use a website to promote your music

While social media is a great place to promote your music, you cannot afford to ignore having your website. This can be a good way of directing fans to the right place. Ensure that key information such as your music, concert, original story and such information is posted on your website.



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