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How to survive spring allergy season when pollen count is at the peak? By Brian Miller

  in Medicines and Remedies | Published 2016-04-01 07:57:28 | 162 Reads | Unrated


Spring allergies mainly arise due to an increase in the pollen count Charlottesville. A lot of people find it difficult to cope up with the seasonal allergies and thus they have to visit allergy doctors Charlottesville to seek relief. Here are few tips that can be followed in order to survive the sp ring season without suffering much.

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It is estimated that around 25 million people in America suffer from several spring allergies commonly associated with grass, tree or even, weed pollen. The seasonal allergies are most commonly caused by an increase in the pollen count Charlottesville. This phenomenon is also known as allergic rhinitis or hay fever. Hay fever affects around 10% to 30% of the total population around the globe. This makes the spring season a season that is full of discomfort for few people while others enjoy it.  

In order to address the hay fever’s symptoms, many people take decongestant

s, allergy shots as well as to antihistamines. However, some of these drugs can easily cause side effects, and provide only a short-term relief to the person taking the drug. These drugs do not address the main cause for your allergy. Drugs are not the only viable option available today. There are several other options to prevent hay fever. One can easily avoid hay fever by following certain preventive steps.

Pollen is the most common allergen. However, some other agents can trigger your allergenic reaction as well. Those agents include personal care products, mold spores, cleaning products, dust, environmental chemicals, airborne contaminants, cockroaches, dust mites, food as well as animal dander. It is also essential to know that just because you did not experience a reaction to a particular thing in the past does not necessarily imply that you will never react to it in the future.  

People become sensitive to allergens over time. It is crucial to consult allergy doctors Charlottesville in such cases. Whenever our body comes in contact with an allergen, the mast cells present in our body become activated within few minutes and release a powerful combination of histamine, prostaglandins and leukotrienes. It triggers the symptoms that are linked with the allergies, such as running nose, hacky cough, sneezing, sore throat, itchy eyes, etc.

People can reduce their allergy symptoms by following the guideline given by ACAAI to reduce their exposure to pollen. They need to avoid clothes made of synthetic fibres. When rubbed, they can generate an electrical charge that can attract pollens and cause them to stick to you. This can pose issues when the pollen count Charlottesville is more in the environment. It is always better to opt for natural fibres, such as cotton and wool.

It is better to exercise outdoor during late afternoon, before dawn and even during early evenings because the pollen count is at a minimum level during these times of the day. It is better to carry out intense exercise indoors, as heavy breathing can make you inhale more pollens. While gardening, make sure to wear mask and gloves. One can always wear a NIOSH, (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health rated 95) filter mask to filter pollens.

By reducing the exposure to allergens and by taking the medicines prescribed by the allergy doctors Charlottesville, one can reduce spring allergy symptoms. So if you are suffering from allergies, get in touch with the nearest allergy doctors in your area.


Have you not been able to enjoy the beauty of the spring season because of an increased <a href="">pollen count Charlottesville</a> in the air? Consult qualified <a href="">allergy doctors Charlottesville</a> who can help you treat the conditions caused due to allergens.



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