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Hydrographic supplies for your needs By vijay vinson

  in Arts and Crafts | Published 2013-11-04 07:19:00 | 145 Reads | Unrated


You’re probably familiar with hydrographic imaging since you are looking for hydrographic supplies. When talking about these supplies, we are referring to a number of different products.

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You’re probably familiar with hydrographic imaging since you are looking for hydrographic supplies. When talking about these supplies, we are referring to a number of different products, from the most important ones, like the hydrographic film and water transfer printing activator to other products like primers and thinners.

The hydro imaging process was initially developed as a military means of printing objects - caskets, weapons etc. – with camouflage images. In time, the process evolved and the techniques and hydrographic supplies used have changed. Today, although pos
sibly still used in military to cover up objects in smart camouflage, the techniques has become available for the population. Anyone can use hydrographic supplies to create personalized objects for themselves. Also, many businesses which relate to the printing industry are using the method as it is an accessible and very easy method to produce great looking objects. Plus, another advantage of this process is that the image printed has great durability, thanks to the manner in which it is attached to the object.

The process of hydro imaging implies a few phases. Before getting to the actual part where we discuss the process of hydro imaging, we have to talk about preparation. If you are thinking of opening your own hydro imaging business or you just want to personalize a few items by yourself, in your own home, you should know a bit about how to make your job easier and durable. First, you need to clean the objects that you are going to print. For this, you may need a number of different hydrographic supplies, like paint or primer. These can be found online in stores which also sell water transfer printing activator. In any case, the objects have to be cleaned thoroughly so that no residues interfere in the printing process. This is highly important and if not done properly, the image will look bad or will not attach optimally.

After the objects are cleaned, the process can begin. For that, you will need PVA film and a water transfer printing activator. In a basin of water, the film is dropped. Once the water reaches the temperature of 31 degrees C, the film will start to dissolve. This is where you need to add the water transfer printing activator. This substance will soften the film so that it can adhere easier to the object. After the water transfer printing activator has been sprayed on the surface of the film, you can take the object and keep it at the surface of the water, during which time the film will stick to the item, sealing itself tightly around it. The object then has to be fully submersed in water. Once this has happens, the remaining film which may be still on the surface of the basin won’t be able to stick to the object anymore. The only thing left to do is to take the object out and leave it to dry, eventually applying a coat of gloss to make it shinny. Online stores can provide you with all of the basic supplies to get the job done right.

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