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Promotional Sampling Agency and manufacturing specialists Identipak designs innovative products that make premium brands stand out and creates long term customer loyalty.

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Identipak is a Promotional Sampling Agency dedicated to offer its clientele the best sampling services possible. With a list of clients including names such as Avon, P&G, Wella, Coty, Johnson & Johnson and Unilever, amongst others, Identipak has made a name for itself as being a leader in the Promotional Sample industry and is the number one choice of many world-renowned companies. Samples are great way to stimulate impulse buying and target a new market and Identipak will certainly help you and guide you in the process of sampling your exist
ing products
and make the most out of those samples.

Identipak is based in McAllen, Texas. McAllen is part of a free-trade zone and has access to the most affordable freight rates in the country – Identipak is passing on those advantages to its clientele by offering competitive pricing and big savings. Identipak and its design and packaging team combine over 40 years of experience and have a deep knowledge of sampling but also of the marketing industry, which helps Identipak’s clients to stay at the forefront of their industries and make a statement by offering top quality samples to their customer base.

As a Promotional Sampling Agency, Identipak is offering a variety of services to help and guide its clientele. Identipak offers sampling services, the smart way. While respecting your vision, Identipak’s team can inform you about new ideas and concepts to reinforce your brand and will help you create a new series of samples or expand an existing line of sampled products. Identipak prides itself in generating innovative prototypes so that you can see, feel and touch your sample before approval and ordering a larger quantity. With quick turn-around time and an in-house facility for the filling of packages to ensure your product’s integrity, Identipak is the go-to Promotional Sampling Agency in North America.

Identipak promotes Smart Sampling and will come up with effective solutions to entice customers to buy and recognize your products and brand.  Die-cut sachets, carrier cards attached to products, hangers and hand-tags, dual-chamber sachets, troops and Magpacks are only a few of the solutions promoted by the Promotional Sampling Agency Identipak. The devoted team of designers and packagers at Identipak will work with you to come up with the most effective solution to any of your product sampling needs and ensure that every solution and sample is tailored to you and your brand.

Identipak is North America’s #1 Promotional Sampling Agency and is a true industry leader. Its team’s expertise and knowledge will help you make the most out of your sampling line – as aforementioned, impulse buying and brand recognition are two important aspects of product sampling and Identipak will focus on targeting your customer base while trying to reach a wider audience and creating an image for your products that will be recognized by the customers.

For more information on Identipak or to get your free quote, please visit identipak.

For over a decade, Identipak has been designing and manufacturing high quality promotional packaging and product samples for leading retailers throughout the world. Our design and packaging team continues to create innovative packaging designs. For more information visit


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