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Illuminate Your Outdoor Space With Walkway And Step Lights By Sarah Iftikhar

  in Home Management | Published 2017-08-29 10:41:14 | 185 Reads | Unrated


Most of us want to have the perfect outdoor space with the right lighting. If you are someone who wants your outdoor space to stand out both during the day and the night, then outdoor lights are what you want right now and here are a few tips on how to go about it.

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The one thing that accentuates the elements of the outdoor space is the lighting. Outdoor lighting creates the perfect atmosphere that you want for your outdoors. They are meant for illuminating the space with the perfect amount of light that you want. Planning your outdoor lighting can be very crucial. However, when it’s done with the right kind of products and placed appropriately, you can make your outdoors ideal. Right now, how many of you are thinking about revamping/setting up your outdoor lighting? Well, if you want to rework and don’t know where to start, we are right he

re and we have got you all covered. Talking about lights, there is nothing like setting up the right Walkway and Step lights which will amp up your outdoor space like no other.

Walkway lights

Outdoor walkway lights have been doing their rounds pretty well for the last few years. They majorly help in illuminating the pathway and also enhance a particular area with the right amount of lighting. Setting up Walkway lights in a large open space will look spectacular. Before setting the lights up, it is very important that you need to think and decide on which areas of your outdoor need to be well-lit. Below are a few tips on where to set up Outdoor Walkway lights.

Driveway – Setting low illuminated lights along your driveway will add that oomph factor and it will be easier for visitors to find their way ahead. The lights you are going to install in the driveway definitely need to be stronger. Also, make sure you light the driveway fully for better lighting and safety.

Backyard – Research says that setting up lights in your backyard lets you rediscover your property and adds more fun to the entire space transforming the space completely. You can set them leading to a sitting area or anything that you want to focus in particular. You can also set them around a tree which will make the entire area bright and beautiful.

Entrance – You definitely want the first impression to be the best impression. Setting up lights right near your entrance will make your main door brighter. They are considered to be a welcome light and the first thing your visitors notice. You definitely want your home to be beautifully lit to welcome your visitors.

Step lights

Installing lights on your steps is equally important because lighting a stairway adds that extra glow and helps in accessing your stairway majorly whilst climbing up and down the stairs. Especially when you have a beautiful garden in your outdoor space, setting up Outdoor Step lighting can be a real treat to your eyes. Outdoor step lighting creates that beautiful accent lighting and they are considered to be very attractive, mainly during the evening/night time. Now let us look at a few tips on where to set the step lights.

On the step –  Installing step lights on the steps focuses the center area of the step, letting the light shine right on your face and the body. So, it is advisable to use low voltage lights to keep the lighting fine and also make sure you don’t use flashy lights for this one because the lighting might be a little too harsh.

Below the step – You can install step lights below the steps only if you have a floating staircase. They add a beautiful layer of light focusing on the basement area and gives more light to the ground. You can choose the number of lights according to the length of your stair step.

On the riser – Installing lights on the riser creates a focal point on the area where you choose to install. Also, keep in mind that the size and shape of the lights also matter. Small, round shaped lights would be the perfect ones to go on the riser. You can also opt for the brick shaped lights if you want to amplify the lighting on the step.

These useful tips will help you get an idea to pick the right place for setting up Walkway/Step lights and revamping your outdoor space just the way you want it to be. Also, it is advisable to keep in mind what works best for you.




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