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Importance of Elevator or Escalator in home interior By Kunal Jain

  in Home Management | Published 2016-10-18 10:22:17 | 490 Reads | Unrated


Avail the information about the designer stainless sheets for elevator and escalator to match the imported appearance of overall home interior with a wide selection of differently designed or textured.

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Nowadays people not seems to be happy with the simple appearance of their home or commercial places as they prefer to have the designer or imported touch in life whether it is clothing, home accessories or anything else. Designer element on the wall cladding, furniture, flooring or doors surfaces can help to enhance the overall home interior as it gives the luxury to determine the desired texture on certain areas of the home, but people often forgot to apply these textures on the escalator, elevator doors, and cabins.

While constructing multi-story buildings like housing projects

malls etc it is necessary to install the escalator and elevator, which adds a touch of luxury to visitors and equally complements the overall appearance and easily carry a design theme across the property from in and outside of the cab. So it is important to choose the right metal, design, and texture for interior or exterior of elevator and escalator.

Elevator Interior – Elevator interior and exterior systems like LEVELe & CabForms Interiors, Ceiling, handrails and bumpers with designs help to meet the diverse aesthetic performance of the overall home or commercial interior. 

Here are the few examples of the metals which can use for the elevator door.

  • Stainless steel – Stainless steel gives a cohesive texture to elevator door with etched background and the graphic.
  • Fused metal – fused metal elevator door comes with easily matchable finishes for wall, cabin, and sheets.
  • Bonded metal – The door skins bring the design versatility and optimum resistance to abrasion.

At last, one need to consider the fact that elevators and escalators are the companions of home interior, so it is important to choose the right design with chromium appearance to match the home.

For a range of designer stainless steel elevator door or press plates to determine a specific design or texture on flooring, Mapple Stainless Processing is the perfect solution in India, which is a leading stainless steel sheets, cladding manufacturing company.


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