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Importance of Traffic Ticket Lawyer - Traffic Violations in PA By Michael Greenberg

  in Advice | Published 2017-02-14 02:56:33 | 299 Reads | Unrated


To get rid of traffic ticket in Pennsylvania is difficult. But those who haven’t initiated for it may call it not possible. Here, the major element is to understand your own rights and use them effectively. Or otherwise, knowing your rights and understanding Pennsylvania laws can be complicated . Therefore, the best way to avoid complications is to hire a traffic ticket lawyer Pennsylvania (PA). A lawyer is well acquainted with the rules and regulations about traffic ticket in Pennsylvania.

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If you have received a traffic ticket in Pennsylvania, there are some choices that can lessen the intensity of the citations.

They are:

  • Paying your ticket

To pay your ticket means to acknowledge your guilt. You agree to go before the judge. For that, you need to make a check mark in the first box and send it within the allotted time.

The points added to your license differ from the severity of the infraction.

  • Requesting Trial by pleading guilty

If you believe that yo

u received an unfair ticket and you want to challenge the citation, then it should reach the court.

To issue a not guilty plea, make a check mark in the second box on the citation, date it and sign it.

You’ll get a reply about the date of your court appearance & the time of hearing.

  • Appeal for your case

You have two choices for appealing:

  •  You represent yourself

In case you represent yourself, you have to collect evidence such as printing out your driving record, having an interview and subpoena witnesses.

  • Or hire an attorney or a Traffic ticket lawyer

This is a better choice as you can improve the reduction of the charges, otherwise, there can be a total dismissal in insurance and license.

  • Online defensive driving course

An online defensive driving case in Pennsylvania is held basically when a traffic ticket is dismissed.

There is no incentive in the process while it aims at creating awareness about traffic laws.

Basic Traffic ticket fines & Penalties include:

  • Increase in car insurance premiums
  • License suspension or revocation.

Pennsylvania Point system

The point system in Pennsylvania according to the PA law helps to improve driving habits and to ensure safe driving. A driver is given a point when he is found guilty of any traffic violations with respect to Pennsylvania traffic laws.

In Pennsylvania, if the driving speed record is below 6 points but reaches 6 or more then the process differ. One will receive a written notice to be part of a written special point examination.

PA Law violations and points

  • Violations regarding license-3
  • Failure to stop at red light-3
  • Violation of restriction on driver’s license-2
  • Improper passing on the right-3
  • Not stopping at ‘stop’ sign
  • Failure to stop at rail road crossing-3
  • Improper turning-3
  • Driving too fast for conditions-

(If violation happens in an active work zone-15 days of suspension and) -2

Other violations

  • Exceeding speed limits in school zone-3
  • Improper backing-3
  • Careless driving-3
  • Leaving a scene of accident causing property damage-4
  • Failure in yielding to pedestrian in crosswalk-2

Suspensions and Revocations

Your driving license will be revoked or suspended in case of any of the below mentioned violations.

  • Operating a vehicle under the influence of any toxic elements
  • Homicide by a vehicle
  • Reckless driving
  • Racing on highways
  • Fleeing from a police officer
  • Driving without light avoiding identification
  • Driving with your license suspended and revoked
  • Any felony involving a vehicle
  • Failure to comply with a railroad crossing gate or barrier

To avoid severe repercussions in these violations, a traffic ticket lawyer Pennsylvania being hired will surely help.

  • Under PA driving law, the license must be returned to the bureau of driver licensing by the effective date of suspension.
  • No credit for serving suspension or revocation will be earned until driver’s license is surrendered.
  • Drivers can appeal the suspension/ revocation in the court of common pleas of their country.
  • Other than serving to the suspension or revocation, proof of payment for any fines and costs owed, proof of insurance and a restoration fee must be paid before driving privileges are restored.

A Traffic ticket lawyer can help you surpass this issue without any risk. He can

  • represent you in the court,
  • works with judges and prosecutors for descending your charges,
  • avoids high fines and penalties
  • doesn’t allow you lose your license and CDL

Traffic violations are a criminal act that breaks the rules of driving. Most violations are considered infractions as they don’t have serious consequences. But sometimes even minor violations can have serious repercussions that can lead to fines, penalties, license suspension and incarceration. Although there may be subtle differences in laws with respect to major states but most states have similar laws.

About the author

Michael Curtis Greenberg is a proficient traffic ticket lawyer who has defended innumerous cases and succeeded. To fight any cases regarding traffic violations PA visit



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