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Indian Silk Products to my Anti-dumping By Lanbo Jiang

  in Business | Published 2011-07-26 18:00:51 | 144 Reads | Unrated


Since 2003, the Indian government on China's exports of raw silk implementation of the provisional anti dumping measures, China's silk exports to India suffered serious setbacks, which led to the domestic market reached a new low cocoon prices continue, the industry trade, industry, agriculture suff ered a devastating every link the hit

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Since 2003, the Indian government on China's exports of raw silk implementation of the provisional anti dumping measures, China's silk exports to India suffered serious setbacks, which led to the domestic market reached a new low cocoon prices continue, the industry trade, industry, agriculture suffered a devastating every link the hit.Industry concerns, if not settled the matter as soon as possible, not only long term efforts to obtain the silk industry, trade, industry, agriculture reform and integration of the results will vanish, and the country will increase farmers income and adding new
pressures to expand employment, should the trigger others to follow suit, will further adversely on China's political and social influence.

National Office, said silk, in recent years, with India silk consumption and demand growth year after year, China's merchandise exports to India increased silk, silk India has become the largest commodity export market, accounting for China's raw silk exports nearly 50% of the total. In 2002, our exports of silk products in India 10,643 tons, up 33.8%, the amount of 167 million U.S. dollars, up 2.4%, the average unit price dropped 23.4%. Because of India's silk exports continued to drop in price trend of rapid increase in volume, in 2002, the Indian government began to export goods to China silk anti dumping investigations; January 2, 2003, on the level of Chinese origin and the 2A level 2A Following the provisional anti dumping raw silk to impose high taxes, after tax to the prices of goods in India was 33.90 U.S. dollars kg; in May 2003, Indian Customs began to plant all the silk from China, the implementation of grade retest measures, China's silk to India completely blocked the export category.

Enterprises report since early 2003, the company's low level of factory wire basically stopped exports to India, causing clearance retest measures impeded the export business in May 2003 before the hair has more than 500 tons of cargo stranded in Indian port can not pass customs, customers will not pay the purchase price, resulting in about 60 million yuan funds to be occupied, receipt risky. At the same time, further deterioration of the domestic market oversupply contradictions, speculators took the opportunity to lower prices of imports, raw silk export prices fell to 13 thousand U.S. dollars ton.China's raw silk export prices fall by factors of low prices of domestic enterprises, but according to the general oversupply situation in the international market, China's raw silk exports to India on the global export prices and prices of exactly the same, in accordance with our cost, not the current export price constitute dumping, companies are still meager profits.China Silk Association, held the latest in the "production and marketing of silk products forum" on behalf of the participating enterprises have two worries:

First, the Indian government will launch a series of Chinese silk products for anti dumping measures. July 3, 2003, India made the final ruling of anti dumping decision on the product concerned to the minimum limit our way of imposing anti dumping duties, imports CIF required not less than 27.97 U.S. dollars kg, or charge the difference, the price that India imports Business can not afford. Business concern, China's exports to India silk and silk satin high grade plant will be the next target of anti dumping. In the March 2003 hearing in New Delhi, India has put forward the motion.Second, India's Central Silk Board's new proposed new standards for the import of Chinese silk retest exist in unfair factors enable India to expand covert anti dumping on Chinese raw silk range. Because the perpetrators of the reinspection of India's Central Silk Board and the Central Silk Board is the sponsor of this anti dumping. China's exports of raw silk grade standard E 6A, by the China Import and Export Inspection and Quarantine has been issued by CIQ, including India, the world wide recognition and acceptance of India recently launched B 4A of the grading standards, not only different standards in China, India has never used. At present, the 2A level or above have occurred in the goods have been downgraded India phenomenon, the domestic companies on the 3A level and above can not be easily exported silk factory, India importers are not normal bulk imports of Chinese silk.

Enterprises, the Indian side of the move to fully blocked the import of Chinese silk, the negative consequences is unthinkable Sericulturist interests adversely affected: by the Indian anti dumping duties of special temporary high, Spring Cocoons purchase price in 2003 dropped again in 2002 in most parts of Sichuan, 11 yuan kg in 2003 down to 8 yuan kg, and the other the decrease in cocoon production area roughly the same price, sericulturist considerable loss of income, the enthusiasm of sericulture were seriously hurt, some parts reproduce the phenomenon of abandonment. To cocoon production in 2002 510,000 tons of dollars at 2003 average cocoon prices fell 2 yuan kg basis, the country is expected to more than 2000 million in 2003 revenue will be reduced by 10 sericulturist billion.

Silk industry, will further expand the loss: As the raw silk is an export oriented goods, in exports of products will make it difficult reeling manufacturers export sales, industrial production value and sales are significantly down. June 2003, domestic raw silk prices have declined over year, at about 10,000 yuan ton. To the national annual total silk production of 50,000 tons, the country reeling industrial enterprises will reduce the income of 500 million yuan more than the losses incurred by the silk industry will expand at the same time, because funds are not promptly withdrawn from circulation, production enterprises will be further cut off surface expansion. China Silk Association, reeling on 498 manufacturing enterprises above designated size statistics show that 1 in May 2003, the number of loss making enterprises reached 190, up 38.2% loss.In view of this, a strong domestic industry urged the government departments concerned to take early measures to properly address the current Sino Indian silk trade friction, China's silk industry to ensure the healthy and orderly development.



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