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Inheritance of Chinese Civilization Silk Industry Revival By Lanbo Jiang

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Last year in December, in the "First Village of China" Shenzhen Nanling community garden in the wire, before the contractor starts construction of China Silk Association's 2008 Annual Meeting One year later, China Silk Association, because of the high wire garden and efforts, decided today to contin ue to hold the silk industry in the wire Park Board in 2009

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Last year in December, in the "First Village of China" Shenzhen Nanling community garden in the wire, before the contractor starts construction of China Silk Association's 2008 Annual Meeting. One year later, China Silk Association, because of the high wire garden and efforts, decided today to continue to hold the silk industry in the wire Park Board in 2009. Office of the Ministry of Commerce silk, China National Silk Association of leadership and more than 150 head of silk brands will gather in the wire garden to discuss trade and development.No doubt, as the silk culture in the silk industr
y innovation park park was doomed from the beginning of the birth to take up the revival of silk industry, the heavy heritage of Chinese civilization.

Undertake a Major Mission of Silk Industry Revival

Silk in Europe and the United States and other countries regarded as "soft gold", with its luxury and unique oriental charm, a symbol of enduring style, culture and trade on behalf of stars.Silk is not only the brilliant part of Chinese civilization is the Chinese made a major contribution to the world. "Silk Road" external communication with the brilliant Chinese civilization, and spread the great friendship between the Chinese nation.Zhenggui Quan, chairman of the wire that the current situation from the industry, about 75% of the world's silk comes from China, and China is the world's silk, the largest chemical fiber producer, the world's total output of about 75% and 50%, Chinese silk cultural industries still dominate the front end of the world silk industry chain, the international silk market, exporters of raw materials and processing power.

However, a long time, domestic textile enterprises more dispersed silk, silk culture has not really focused on brand building and cultural base, in development is "outside the light weight of" over reliance on orders, resulting in "a product without the brand There was no brand recognition, "the embarrassing position of huge potential domestic market flooded with non brand silk dress and low value added products. Behind these questions there is a major cause is that the silk industry not only spread the lack of a profound culture of Chinese silk, but also foster the promotion of the best brands of Chinese silk products and efficient service platform. Park came into being in the wire and will make efforts in this sense.

Zheng Guiquan that, by the current international financial crisis, foreign trade based silk enterprises are facing serious challenges, is in the development of an important transition period. On silk enterprises, pay close attention to adjust the market structure, product innovation, brand consensus of the entire industry. Countries "to expand domestic demand and promoting the healthy development of textile industry," a series of measures and policies introduced, further strengthened in the park for the silk industry, silk long term confidence in the service. Silk Garden in thinking is long term development, relying on the Chinese silk culture with strong roots in the concept of creative industries, all round display of silk brocade products and their derivatives industry chain, to build brands and excellent quality Chinese silk, silk business best service platform.

On the wire garden stake in the mind, Guangdong Silk Textile Group Chairman Tsai also said loudly: "Innovation is the brand's vitality, is first class silk culture, the basic concept of service platforms. Guangdong Silk Group is not just a business, it is doing something with the transmission of civilization, and closely related matters of national revival, which is the great mission entrusted by history. "

Explore the Silk Industry to Develop New Models

To new Yetai born the only park opened in silk garden for more than six months, it has awarded the creative cultural industry park of Chinese silk, Guangdong Province, Shenzhen City Public Education, Shenzhen City, Longgang District, fine cultural tourist routes, Shenzhen higher Institute, Shenzhen University, Practice Base, Longgang District, vocational skills training base, and become the Guangdong Province, Shenzhen City, the industry associations, chambers of commerce director, vice president of unit.

Have visited to study leadership at all levels in the wire garden, experts have also park on the wire spoke highly of.
Yi hui, president of China Silk Association, said: "Silk Garden in an effort to create a scale large scale, professional management variety, business grade Upgrading, modernization of management methods, international business space, business environment and standardized products, professional services, beautiful silk platform for high grade silk brocade products and their derivatives to provide a creative and economic interaction of fashion paradise, the industrial upgrading of the silk industry is also important. "

Ministry of Culture Li Xiaolei, deputy director of the cultural industry that, in silk garden silk industry, organized a major event, this is the blessing of cultural industries. In silk garden pattern, concept and direction, not only the integration of Chinese silk culture industry and innovation, is also a cultural and business integration and transformation, but also a public service and cultural industries of love big action. He hoped that more entrepreneurs learn from this line of thinking, promoting traditional culture, innovation and development, to promote transformation and upgrading of China's cultural industry. He said that the wire garden excellent platform to promote this, Chinese silk certainly poised to take off, out of the new century "Silk Road."

Zhenggui Quan told reporters that the goal in the wire garden in the new situation, develop a culture of promoting the long history of Chinese silk to show its profound meaning, through interpretation and cultural silk, elegant silk, fashion silk, art silk, silk health concept Silk creative cultural industry to build a platform for industry wide integration of resources, expand the domestic market share in China to promote silk from the silk power to a power transition, to explore the development of new ideas and innovative business model.

Looking ahead, Zheng Guiquan revealed in silk garden "Five Year Plan": From now on, the wire garden two years to develop into beautiful silk products PRD regional leading professional services platform; three years to become a national leader beautiful silk products professional services platform; five years, as have some international influence, beautiful silk products, professional service platform.



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