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Insights on Oral Cancer Screening By Paulo Pinho

  in Medicines and Remedies | Published 2018-09-03 12:43:33 | 179 Reads | Unrated


“Prevention is better than cure!” Don’t panic when you hear the term oral cancer or if your dentist Melbourne suggests oral cancer screening.

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Dentist Melbourne 

“Prevention is better than cure!” 

Don’t panic when you hear the term oral cancer or if your dentist Melbourne suggests oral cancer screening. Oral cancer screenings are the most advanced technology in dentistry to identify whether you are at the risk of developing an oral cancer or not. Oral cancer screenings help to spot on the early signs before they could even pro

gress to an advanced stage. 

Oral cancer screenings are essential because this type of cancer can be successfully treated if identified early. Approximately 84% of oral cancer can be detected early by the affordable dentist Melbourne, and it is curable. 

What are the symptoms of oral cancer? 

- Sudden weight loss 
- Difficulty in chewing or swallowing 
- A lump in your neck 
- Swelling in your neck 
- Spots that continuously bleed or don’t heal 
- Red or white patches in your mouth 
- A Sore throat 
- Loose teeth 
- A lump or growth 

When to see a dentist? 

Schedule an appointment with the best dentist in Melbourne if you have any persistent signs that bother you and lasts more than a couple of weeks. Your dentist will investigate and recommend an oral screening. 

What are the causes of oral cancer? 

It is not 100% clear as to what causes the mutations in squamous cells that lead to mouth cancer. But dentists have state several factors that might increase the risk of oral cancer. It includes: 

- Usage of tobacco – cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and chewing tobacco 
- Consuming Heavy alcohol 
- A weakened immune system 
- A sexually transmitted virus called HPV ( human papillomavirus) 


There is no proven way to prevent oral cancer. But you can reduce the risk of mouth cancer if you follow these: 

- Quit smoking: smoking not only leads to mouth cancer but also degrades your health. Using tobacco exposes the cells in your mouth to dangerous cancer-causing chemicals. 

- Limit drinking alcohol: Excessive alcohol use can irritate the cells in your mouth. If you choose to drink, limit yourself. If you are above 50, quit the habit of drinking. 

- Eat a healthy diet: Follow a diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables. The essential vitamins and antioxidants in fruits and veggies may help reduce the risk of oral cancer. 

- Visit your dentist periodically: Visiting your dentist every six months will help deduct oral cancer at an early stage. During your visit, the dentist will inspect your mouth for abnormal areas that may indicate oral cancer. 

- Oral hygiene: Keep your mouth and teeth clean & healthy. As mouth cancer is sometimes associated with long-standing wounds, there is a chance that broken teeth can prompt the growth of ulcers on the tongue, and it might increase the chance of oral cancer development on the wound. 

The author is an experienced dentist in Melbourne who offers specialised dental treatments with the team of dental professionals at an affordable cost. Visit for further details!



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