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Installing and filling air conditioners By Petro Kluch

  in Real Estate | Published 2018-04-05 06:56:49 | 219 Reads | Unrated


How to properly install and refill the air conditioner. Tips for maintaining the air conditioner

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Constructions may vary, but the basic one, well-known by the refrigeration masters, dominates. Before filling with Freon, the channel must be vacuumized. To do this, you might need time-honored filling station. Firstly, a vacuum pump is connected, evacuation process follows the manometer. Then, the tap is closed and the Freon tank is connected.

It is interesting to beginners, what happens to the air in the tube between collector and a tank. Surpassingly, it goes inside, which is wrong. Air contains moisture, which can destroy the compressor and create an ice cork. The temperature gets lower, the steam creates condensate in the coil.

As for the installation, the length of Freon line typically does not exceed 5 meters. Screw-nuts are tightened at both ends, then, the connector goes into the external and internal block. They are tightened with a screw key. The channel is filled with Freon through the external block. The valves are tree-way. Having unscrewed the valve, we connect the collector to the system. When filling after evacuation, we make saponification of joints to check the hermetic tightening. If the integrity of pipes and connections is alright, the filling is carried out. Freon control is made in accordance with weight or by divisions into containers with refrigerant. The quantity of the filled substance you can find in the passport or on the body nameplate.

Sometimes, filling through two holes is possible. High and low pressure (compressor output and input). The capillary tube is in the external block. Refilling is usually made from the entrance and some professionals recommend turning on compressor (the same with vacuuming). It lets some Freon quantity to dissolve in oil, the process goes faster. At the end of the refilling the equipment is tested. We advise you to entrust air conditioners maintenance to professionals.



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