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Is Selection of Lean Supplies Tricky? By william David

  in Business | Published 2016-08-15 08:46:08 | 131 Reads | Unrated


Businesses need several types of tools and techniques to run their operations flawlessly. There is a need to realize the importance of these tools as well as how to select the best ones, which are suitable for your business.

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Those who are familiar with the lean tools always prefer to select them for their business operations. There is a variety of tools available, but again, selection is somewhat tricky. This article will help readers to know which tools are most suitable and why to select them. Those who are new to this will know all the basics about them as well.  

What are lean tools?
Tools or commonly known as lean supplies are the products and accessories which help businesses operations to run smoothly. These are somewhat basic supplie

s, but we cannot ignore the importance of these minor yet essential tools. These supplies include, 5S tags, Blue tags, Transparent warning films, 5S register form, tool sheets, 7 wastes observation form, 5S sustainment schedule, toolkit form, 5S map, skills matrix, inspection cards, OEE Worksheet, VSM Refill Pack, and many more. All these supplies/tools help business management to keep records of each process and train their employees as per the required structure. Some tools are motivational while some are functional, but no one is useless if you are running a business.

Important tools:
There are some basic supplies considered essential for every type of businesses. These include:

      •    Posters
Posters help motivating your employees to realize their role and thus perform accordingly. These posters are specifically designed to make staff responsive of the ‘leadership’ and how each employee can consider him a leader of his own.

      •    Quick guides
These guides are structured to help employees understanding the basic and advanced problems solving methods. Those who are not yet familiar with the process will know about the basic through these quick guides. These also include, 5S, productive maintenance, supply chain, wastes etc.

     •    Videos
These videos cover several basic and advanced concepts, which include, 5S, 3P, Kaizen, Kanban, introduction to lean, layout, Hoshin Kanri,  VSM, supply chain, office, accounting, workshop etc.

     •    Books
You can get variety of books including, origins books, leadership books, thinking books, TWI books, Autobody books, Spanish books, and many more.

     •    Games
Games keep us active and motivated, by considering this in mind, Enna has prepared numerous games for the workforce of your organization. They get help from these games in understanding the overall process comprehensively.

     •    Workshop packages
These packages include different raining packages for your employees, which include, VSM, TPM, Kaizen, 5S, SMED, supply chain, and Spanish training.                                             

All the above mentioned Lean and Kaizen Manufacturing Products are aiding businesses to train their employees in a way which suits best as per the business requirements. Concluding this, this post helps management to select and use the products which are essential for its workforce.   

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