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CFP or Chartered Financial Planning is a financial certification course for those people who are interested to enhance their careers in financial planning.

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CFP or Chartered Financial Planning is a financial certification course for those people who are interested to enhance their careers in financial planning.

The Chartered Financial Goal Planner course basically is designed in tunes to develop the basic skills which are required by The Wealth Advisors in order to execute the critical functions which are related to Financial Planning, Goal Planning as well as Investment Planning so that they are able to perfectly and properly assist their clients to shift from investment planning to comprehensive financial planning.

="_GoBack"> This globally recognised Certification of CFGP is offered by The American Academy of Financial Management India or AAFM India as a stepping stone towards more comprehensive and intensive programs like the Associate Wealth Manager/AWM and Chartered Wealth Manager/CWM.

Apart from possessing a deep understanding of the Financial Products and Personal Financial Planning a Wealth Manager should also attain knowledge of client psychology, attitudes and other intangibles that are bound to affect the relationship management with the clients. The CFGP/Certification Program provides the Financial Professionals and Wealth Advisors Financial Goal Planning Skills and attributes.

The growth in the need for cfp course is also going to increase the competition found in this field so a professional will need to differentiate their skills and offering to the clients. For people who want to stand out from the rest of the pack should look to earn a specialised certification so that they are able to prove that they have what it takes to be worthy of this field. This globally recognised certification will also help in strengthening one’s prospects in the company they are employed in and side by side help them climb up the employment ladder also.


The course in CFGP or Chartered Financial Goal Planning will help the planners to :


  • Understand the Financial Planning Process and then apply it.

  • To conduct client need analysis and collect required client data.

  • To analyse the financial situation of the client and then understand the problems in the client’s financial situation.

  • To develop appropriate strategies to meet clients financial goals.

  • To present and implement a financial plan for the client.

  • To properly understand the ethical considerations in Financial Planning.

  • Evaluate both risk tolerance and risk bearing ability of a client

  • To collect basic understanding of common investment products.

  • Prepare and examine personal financial statements.

  • Understand the idea of time value of money.

  • Calculate the fundamental Time Value of Money calculations.




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