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Jinjiang Shoe Market Got a Growth By Lanbo Jiang

  in Business | Published 2011-08-17 04:27:52 | 160 Reads | Unrated


Witness to a history of a familyEarly in Jinjiang to make shoes, buy a stud must go to Xiamen; footwear enterprises in Jinjiang as more and more urgent need to improve this situation

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Witness to a history of a family.Early in Jinjiang to make shoes, buy a stud must go to Xiamen; footwear enterprises in Jinjiang as more and more urgent need to improve this situation. The mid-20th century, 80, Chen Tai on the street they gradually appeared several concurrently spikes, leather and other shoe stores, lush ribbon is one of a company."At the time there was also only one narrow path covered with stones, one to the floor muddy on rainy days. The road on both sides of the house is very old, mostly only a layer of stone Aiwu." Thick ribbon owner of the company described to reporters
Ding Chunmao the shoe market at that time.

Dingchun Mao is the founder of lush ribbon, "20 years ago, I was a street vendor Mai Binggun this street, and later around the shoe to see more and more, began with sales of some spikes, leather and other simple accessories. "Dingchun Mao said at the time no special shoe stores. Slowly, Ding Chunmao find shoes in great demand and very popular business. "It was a lot of cargo every day, pull back from Quanzhou material is also installed in the tractor, it was almost always steal!"Then, Chen Tai street shoe shops have mushroomed come up. "See the shoe business is good to do, next to the grocery store we have converted all window dressing, but also to start to shoes." Dingchun Mao said that the 20th century when the early 90s, Chen Tai on the street shoe market had begun to take shape.

Chen Tai Shoes Material Market, however, the great development of the 20th century 90's, this family's fortune from the Ding Chunmao history are evident. Of the 20th century the early 90s, Chen Tai shoe industry in the international context of the transfer to seize the opportunity, in Chen Tai Street, on the basis, the Government has planned the development CHEN Quan Road and the lake road shoe market. At that time, Dingchun Mao's brother and sister were in the lake road and purchase strategies for road win of the store, are operating from shoes to. Now, Dingchun Mao's niece Ding Chao Chen Tai Hung again opened his shoe shop in the street, known as "victory over shoes." "From my father's shoes started to now, we have developed to the 4 from 1 shop store. It can be seen from one side of Chen Tai shoe market." Ding Chao Hong said, now Anta, Erke and other major brands are their customers.

"Chinese shoes" is the new starting point.Chen Tai Street from the shoe market to purchase strategies for road, lake road and even Chen Tai Shoes Material Market area, Jinjiang footwear industry was the first leap. But the 21st century, Chen Tai shoe market can not satisfy the needs of the shoe."In the construction of a large shoe chendai professional market?' Chinese shoes' of the idea is put forward at that time." Town business office director Chen Tai particular pang that in order to gather shoe industry, factors of production, so that industry chain supporting a more complete, larger, Macau Golden Dragon Group, set up in Chen Tai Investment Construction Development Co., Ltd. Jinjiang footwear market, the independent development and construction of "Chinese shoes" project.

September 2005, at CHEN Quan Road, "Chinese shoes are" first store opened, Wah Cheung, new hair, Fengzhu and a number of local shoe company and Zhejiang, Guangdong, Hubei, Shandong and other places shoe operators poured. "'Chinese shoes' is not a simple sales, it also provides shoe design, shoe research, logistics, warehousing, and management consulting services, and providing support services for the enterprises." Mrs Chin-pang said, "Chinese shoes are" not a purely commercial market, but a shoe-based, set-commerce, convention and leisure as one of the standard, large-scale professional modern international shoe market.

It is understood that, in 2006, "Chinese shoes are" simply set a 50 million yuan on revenue, become the largest, most complete and most influential footwear markets. Chen Tai Wang Maoquan town mayor said the town will be this year Chendai industry and commerce, taxation and other departments and introduce preferential policies, guide enterprises in the "Chinese shoes are" building show local shoe brand, so that "Chinese shoes are" a shoe a street. "After visiting foreign to Jinjiang, just go to this street, you can learn all the Jinjiang shoes brand." Wangmao Quan said.



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