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Just 2 minute to spot fake G shock watches By Hardeep Singh

  in Self Help | Published 2017-02-13 12:47:11 | 466 Reads | Unrated


G Shock watches are considered to be the World’s most popular and elite watches that people crave for. G shock which is elaborated as Gravitational shock and it is always been admired and adored for its heart touching features and hard-rock durability. It is manufactured by Casio.

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Fakism v/s realism

Like it happens with many other premium and popular brands, G shock watches are also available in their fake form in the market. It is common phenomenon these days, isn’t it? Well, to deal all this fake fever, you should be aware enough how to find out the difference between the real G shock watches and the fake one when you buy Casio G shock watches in UK.

It is a world known fact that G shock watches are one of the bestsellers in the market and it is so owing to its great intri

cate designs and its ability to survive in the most toughest conditions and extortions as well as robust quality. These watches live and last longer than what one could expect.

 Since nobody wants to make his money futile by getting the fake product, thus it becomes imperative to find out the difference between the fake and real G shock watch. It will not just save your hard earned money but save to become fool as well as.

Take a glance to find out the fake differences in G shock watch:

Inferior packing quality

G shock is world’s premium brand, thus packing is the key ingredient that authentic brand. Hence, if you locate the packing belongs to inferior quality material, prints, label and it looks cheap, it will belong to a fake category.

Price is too good to believe

Sometime in order to match with the genuine product the fake counterpart keep the price higher to avoid any suspicion of being fake. Therefore when the price is too good to be true despite they claim it is straight from the manufacturer and blah-blah, you should raise your alarm in the hindsight.

Label on the bezel

No G shock watches comes with the label on the bezel. If such thing is spotted, my prudent advice would be to you, not to purchase that product assuming it is a real G shock watch.

Incorrect positioning of button

You can spot out fakism in G shock product by carefully monitoring the placement of button. Most of the replica G shock watches or duplicate one comes with some sort of subtle differences and misplacement of button is one of them. It is something we do not often spot out very  easily, so be attentive to find out if the buttons are placed incorrectly.

Improper layout

Casio G shock watch is a reputed and leading brand in the world. The company prepared the watch, they are very much certain about the even the smallest of the things. If you find that the layout is not focus at their best level or it is revealing poor quality, you need to switch off from there.


If you spot out that the strap belongs to inferior quality, it will be fake product. The straps of G shock watch always consists of optimum quality.

It is very obvious that any real brand does not compromise with quality on any aspects or any part of the product. That is what they are known for. A brand is synonymous to pure quality. Any contamination in them certainly drop them deep down to the valley of fake product. Thus 100% quality product is the only real identity of rea G shock watches, and that is what you as customer should be looking for.



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