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Keep the creativity flow as a gamechanger By ted mark

  in Business Management | Published 2014-03-26 03:20:02 | 166 Reads | Unrated


A gamechanger is usually that person who performs at a higher level than the average people. These gifted individuals are creative, productive and innovative, being a gift to every company.

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A gamechanger is usually that person who performs at a higher level than the average people. These gifted individuals are creative, productive and innovative, being a gift to every company. They are the brains, the developers and the runners of a good business, but gamechangers can often suffer of burn out.


In fact, the burn out is the most common state of a gamechanger, as they work hard and lack free time. This common problem can eat you energy and productivity, and the best thing to do is avoid it. It is indeed powerful, baffling and cunning and can easily sneak up on you. Recognizing it and dealing with it is one way to solve it, but avoiding it is even better. You just need a few tips to start with.


Gamechangers are blessed with drive and vision, but these two qualities can easily turn into a curse the moment you force yourself. If you feel in danger to burnout, strike with some preemptive methods. Firstly, you should start everyday by stopping and meditate. Don’t jump right into the issues you have at hand, but take time to take a quite walk, a few easy stretches and some time to meditate. Secondly, take care of yourself. Your body should be considered as your factory, and you should train it for a marathon, not for a sprint. Focusing on specific issues will build your endurance and taking everyday as it is will make your tasks easier to handle. Make sure you have time to rest and exercise in order to combat stress.


Another thing you should do as a gamechanger is embracing the work no. Saying no to average stuff or things you cannot handle will make you able to say yes to the important tasks. Don’t overwhelm yourself, because you are just one who cannot possibly solve everything there is to be solved. Also, turn off the technology whenever you can. Taking some time apart from all the computers and mobile phones and taking time to think will allow you to be more productive. Your first concern should always be creating, implementing and envisioning your work.


Other good things you can do for yourself as a busy gamechanger is getting a hobby, or taking a vacation. These two things are meant to relax the brain and the body and give you more energy for the important work. Your spirit won’t let you rest and do nothing, but you can turn your positive energy into positive art. Do something you always loved, but you didn’t have time to invest into. Also, taking a vacation is a good thing, as relaxing is vital for your long-term success.


Therefore, gamechangers are only people who need relaxation as well. Being the smartest one in the room can become overwhelming and frustrating at some point, but you can stop this feeling by taking care of yourself and put you first. Don`t lose your creativity flow by working too hard too long. Learn to take care of your body while you work your brain. Taking the tricks above into consideration is a good place to start.

If you are a gamechanger, you must be working and planning meetings all day long. Remember that gamechangers need to rest as well, so don’t neglect your health.



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