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Key Points To Remember While Buying Wedding Attires By Naveen Bhatia

  in Womens Interest | Published 2017-07-20 11:56:51 | 385 Reads | Unrated


One of the many things that keep the bride on her toes, is the shopping for wedding attires. But the selection process of Indian wedding attires can get quite daunting owing to the number of factors that involves in determining the right piece.

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Here are few key-factors that one must keep in mind, before buying her wedding apparels

Cut down on your entourages

While allowing a lot of accompaniments in your wedding shopping can be fun and exciting, it can get quite irksome as well considering the amount of suggestions and advices that would be coming from all your sides. If you love a particular Benarasi color, you would not like an outpour of disapproval over it, with some showing annoyance and some urging you for something else. After all, it is your shopping and nobody except you must have the

authority to what you would be wearing on your big day.

Early shopping is not a good ides

The thing with trend and fashion is, it changes with the fleeting time. What is trendy today, might become outdated tomorrow.  Similarly, if you buy the wedding attire too early, thinking you have won a battle. You haven’t, but have instead allowed yourself into a risk, of wearing an outdated trend on your special day. Attires need a month or two to get stitched with perfection, so plan accordingly and buy later.

Update yourself with the latest trend

Instead of moving around the market place listlessly, try updating yourself with the latest trends, new arrival dresses and fashion alerts online. Check with various fashion apps and web pages to feed your senses and get going thereafter. You might not get the exact thing worn by a Fashionista on a fashion runway, but can have something similar and that is okay.

Make a budget

Before you proceed on to any kind of shopping spree, try chalking down your budget and know how much you are willing to spend on that attire. When buying, keep the budget plan in your mind and move ahead with the browsing and selection process. A few pennies up and down wouldn’t make much of a difference but your budget must not grow poles apart from the price tag. A simple budget plan and restricting yourself to it would help you off from frustration. The budget makes you realize your worth when shopping.

Check the fitting

Wedding attires are generally heavy and is a bit tough to handle. Having said so, wedding attires must never make you feel caged  and neither should it restrict your free movements. After all, you would not be sitting like a Christmas tree on your wedding day, you would have to roam around, perform the rituals and touch the feet of elders. So, checking with the size and fitting is needless to say, the most crucial factor when choosing the Indian wedding  dresses.



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I am Naveen Bhatia. I love to write on Indian Ethnic Dresses like sarees, anarkali dresses, lehenga, kurtis etc.