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King of Nyonya food - Kapitan Chicken By Kim Valerio

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Many western people reckon that all Asian cuisine are spicy and exotic. Though it may be true, there will still be some milder dishes that can be liked by all.

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Many western people reckon that all Asian cuisine are spicy and exotic. Though it may be true, there will still be some milder dishes that can be liked by all.

Many people who choose to try the unusual Asian cuisine may hesitate due to the strong and spiciness of these dishes.Here is a superb Malaysian dish that is not so spicy and should be more appropriate for those who are not ready to try the hot and spicy Indian and Thai cuisine.The name of this cuisine is known as kapitan chicken, an traditional Nyonya dish originated from Malaysia.

The name Kapitan chicken has been kno
wn ever since the colony time in the 15th centuries. According to the Malaysian history, Legend has it one of the Chinese cook of a ship owned by the British was wanting to find out how to cook the local cuisine.One day, he saw a Malay woman preparing a stew chicken dish and the kitchen was permeate with unfamiliar unusual flavor.He asked the woman if she is able to share her recipe.The Malay woman said she was preparing a traditional curry dish, and show him how to cook.

Melaka and Pinang are two major cities in Malaysia renowned for Nyonya food notably Kapitan chicken. The Chinese and Malay who stayed here have created many western food with a touch of Asian influence.Kapitan chicken still maintain the bursting myriad of flavors of the exotic Malay dishes but has been revised to tantalize the taste buds of the westerner.The chicken used must be fresh and marinated overnight to ensure it is tender and succulent. The secret is to marinate and deep-fried the chicken before it is simmered in a pot of bubbling hot coconut milk.

Kapitan chicken can be regarded as as one of the many types of curries in Asia. Most curries are essentially a stew with chillies and a selection of spices.nonetheless, the curry from different places are cooked with different combination of spices and herbs.As an example, Indian curries are largely include a combination of spices such as cumin, fenugreek and cinnamon.In Japan, the curry is much sweeter consistent with many other Japanese meals. As for the Chinese and Malay, turmeric is a popular option for most of the dishes.Finally, Japanese curries are often sweeter in comparison with those originated from Southeast Asia.

Kapitan chicken stands by its own as a unique nyonya dish due to the interweaving cultural heritage of the Malay, Chinese, Portuguese and British.The unique flavor arises from the little belacan that is added to the spice mix. Its special flavor is one of the kind as a result of use of belacan (shrimp paste), kaffir lime leaves and turmeric in the recipe.It is simple to prepare and has a unique taste yet not too overpowering for anybody to try.You can log on to for more information about Malaysian food and download your favorite recipes.



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