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Know about the terms and conditions of car lease deals By ted mark

  in Automotive | Published 2014-02-21 04:04:53 | 177 Reads | Unrated


You cannot make the difference between an owned and a leased car. One obviously doesn’t hang a tab outside their car that states

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You cannot make the difference between an owned and a leased car. One obviously doesn’t hang a tab outside their car that states whether it’s owned or leased. However, you should

know that at least 50% of the luxury cars in the UK are leased and about 20% of all cars are leased. Do a quick calculation and you will know that the number is not insignificant. Car lease deals in the UK are among the most attractive and this is why there is no lack of takers. Cheap car leasing is offered by multiple dealers and you could pick up a fantastic luxury car for much less than what you would pay to own it.


There are two elements that hit the cheap car leasing market in the UK. The first element is the slumping economy. However, the UK economy is in reviving mode and the car sales figures of 2013 indicate that people are now back to buying and leasing cars. The second element is low rate or zero rate financing by automobile manufacturers. This problem continues to remain as of now but the companies offering car lease deals are battling this problem rather gamely.


Leasing a car is somewhat similar to buying a car. You visit a dealer for cheap car leasing and they will tell you which cars are available for you to lease. Once you understand the payment terms and other terms and conditions you can lease a car for 2 or 3 years. There is a down payment to be made and it’s usually equal to three monthly instalments. The dealer would also help you with financing the lease and you can pay off the financer in equated monthly instalments. Once all the paperwork is done you are ready to roll out with your newly acquired car.


Of course, things don’t always go as smoothly as this. There are ethical people offering car lease deals and there are unethical companies offering these deals. What you should never do is get lured by cheap car leasing offers. It is highly likely that someone is hiding something. Hence, you should do your homework before you start dreaming of owning a Porsche at the price of a Vauxhall.


For getting all the information related to car lease deals it is best to use the internet. In fact you should only approach those dealers that have their presence online. Spend time on their websites and see what cars they have on offer. Go through the FAQs and terms and conditions pages and find out if there are any special charges applicable or not. Find out about relevant issues like insurance, warranty, road tax and maintenance costs. Find out about the cap on mileage. And most importantly, find out the best dealers of car leases.


Cheap car leasing is always an attractive option but you should exercise restraint before signing on the contract. Otherwise you may end up spending more on car lease deals than you should. Hence, beware...

There are multiple options in cheap car leasing in the UK. However, you should go through the details of car lease deals before signing the agreement.



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