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Learn More About Garage Doors Prices By William F. Gabriel

  in Home Management | Published 2011-08-29 18:24:59 | 451 Reads | Unrated


If you are reading this article, then you must have at least thought about changing your garage door The garage door is the largest mobile portion of the home, and as such it can be a major hassle to change it

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If you are reading this article, then you must have at least thought about changing your garage door. The garage door is the largest mobile portion of the home, and as such it can be a major hassle to change it. Worse, garage doors prices can vary a lot. So how do you get the best garage door for you, something that properly balances quality and price in your specific situation?

To learn more about garage doors prices, you need to learn about the different things that can cause the prices to slide up or down. Understanding these will help you make the right choices and get the b
est value for your money, and to also avoid breaking the bank on a garage door.

One of the cheapest options is to simply automate your old door. A lot of older homes have manually-operated garage doors, usually of the canopy or side-hinged type. You can simply attach an automatic door operator to these doors and compromise between price, automation, and renewal.

Still, you should not let garage doors prices deter you from buying a new door altogether. Sometimes it is better to let go of the old and get something new. One thing that you probably will not have to change is the size of the garage door opening. In turn, this size will determine the dimensions of the door that you will choose.

The type of garage door you choose will help set the price. Canopy type doors swing out and up, retractable doors roll up and under the ceiling, roller doors roll up into coils, and so on and so forth. These different mechanisms require different kinds of clearance for movement, and the technologies involved will also factor into the price.

The materials involved will certainly influence garage doors prices. PVC is the cheapest and lightest, but you certainly cannot expect it to stand up to abuse. Steel is reasonably priced and very strong, however it is quite heavy. Fibreglass is pretty expensive, yet it has a low weight and has a great resistance to impacts. Wood is probably the most expensive of the lot, and is not immune to rot, but sure hits the aesthetic spot.

Your choice of style and colour will surely affect garage doors prices. For example, most manufacturers offer you choices from stock colours, which are pre-included in the basic price. However, you can get custom paint jobs, if they are offered and you are willing to spend. One of the more costly options is to get some overlays on the door. These overlays are often made to look and even feel like wood, so you can get the strength of steel with the appeal of wood.

Finally, there are the factors that affect garage doors prices that lie outside of the product itself. Brands, professional fees, shipping costs, taxes – all these and possibly a few more will come into play. In the end, if you can make wise decisions, you can get the garage door that satisfies your needs, without having too spend too much money.


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