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Learning to Free Up Your Mind By Annette Young

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Learning to free up your mind and gaining control of this crazy world where we juggle life constantly may sound easy but if so, why don’t we all do it Many of us remain fraught with tension and lose out on our ability to simply rest and recuperate

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Learning to free up your mind and gaining control of this crazy world where we juggle life constantly may sound easy but if so, why don’t we all do it? Many of us remain fraught with tension and lose out on our ability to simply rest and recuperate. People seem generally burdened with problems, never quite managing to shrug them off and inner peace can be frustratingly elusive. These problems remain in the conscious or sub-conscious mind and can cause health issues from the inside out. Stress is a common denominator in this day and age and the negative impacts are far-reaching. Emotional and
physical health can be affected.

If you are someone who thinks that thriving in a fast paced society and living in a high-pressured world day in and day out is healthy, think again. Eventually, the pressure starts to cause health issues – headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and abdominal pain to list just a few and emotional, burn-out can be close-by and hit you quite suddenly. When you learn to free up your mind, you gain respite from the problems that bombard you at every turn. Being stress-free is not a nice to have; it is an essential if you wish to have a healthy mind and body.

Author Frenee Dellossa, in her book Free Your Mind Right Now states that there are several ways that letting go of the constant activity that bombards the mind, she feels that stress management techniques are essential for everyone. She calls upon years of medical training as a nurse in the US, seeing families who were regularly burdened with emotional and physical problems. Some of these anxieties and illnesses could well have been avoided if only letting go of the daily strain was possible.

Frenee Dellossa knows only too well what stress can do. It almost brought about the demise of her sister and it was at this point that she realised that there had to be a way of preventing the onset of illnesses caused by stress.

If we heed the warning signs, using meditation or relaxation techniques, it enables you to let go of any anxieties and to instead find inner tranquillity. This is vital for anyone irrespective of background, career or financial status. When you let go of tension and anxieties, it is possible to manage the stress in life quite successfully. With external pressures under control, health generally improves. Headaches and stiff neck and shoulders release and the healing can begin.

Importantly, learning to free up your mind can enable a sudden clarity of mind and to make decisions that are successful and not regretted in the future. It is quite amazing as to the extent of improved health and well-being just by learning some basic relaxation techniques. When nurturing takes place in your mind and body, healing can be reactive, replacing damaging negative thoughts and actions.

Stress can kill and the sooner people realise the dangers associated with unmanaged stress the better it will be – emotionally and physically.

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