Locating a Check Encoder That Will Speed Up Your Company's Financial Processing By Seo Manager

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Uni Link has positioned itself has the leading provider of check encoders for companies in various industries.

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Businesses depend on products that save employees time and allow operations to flow efficiently. A reliable check encoder functions to allow companies to reduce processing costs while creating, repairing or clearing checks. In order to locate this type of equipment, today's top businesses rely on retailers such as UniLink, who specialize in providing leading industry equipment that helps to streamline the processing of financial transactions.

Created in 1988, UniLink works with the top manufacturers in the financial services industry
to ensure that their customers have access to the latest and most innovate equipment available on the market. When their clients require a check encoder that will help them to avoid further processing charges from banks, UniLink can offer a check encoder that can be integrated directly within their existing operations. Consider the Maverick MICR IV Series of check encoder, which is available through UniLink. The original MICR IV machine is available either in a standalone configuration with over 300 available programs or as part of a PC driven version, which can interface with most major MICR PC application providers.

Alternatively, Clients my wish to purchase the Maverick MICR IV S4, which can be configured with an optional integrated inkjet rear endorser, which meets regulations CC requirements for high-level printing. This exceptional machine is uniquely engineered to print while encoding, so that in-house operations remain unaffected by the encoding process.

Contact UniLink today, to find out more about the types of check encoder available through this leading class provider.

About UniLink:

UniLink Inc. is the leading provider of financial printing equipment in the United States. Thanks to its partnerships with the leading manufacturers in the industry, the company is ideally positioned to provide businesses of varying sizes with innovative hardware that will directly meets their distinct operational requirements. For more information, please go to Unilinkinc.

UniLink is a proud provider of financial printing equipment & remote deposit capture scanners and is a one-stop shop for all your financial solutions needs.



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