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Making Money on Craigslist With Home Goods By Mike Hunter

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Need to have some advice for making a living with a furniture business on craigslist There are a good number of ways to make money with furniture

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Need to have some advice for making a living with a furniture business on craigslist? There are a good number of ways to make money with furniture. Some guys sell antiques. Others trade overstocks from their stores. Still some purchase used pieces or pick them up without charge and then clean them up and resell them for a profit. No matter what type of business you run, you will find ideas for making money with a furniture business on craigslist.

Let's use antiques as an example... You can run part of your antique furniture business on craigslist. All it takes is for you to si
gn up, list your things and respond to buyers. With antiques, it is very important that you take really excellent pictures of the items. Then in your ad, be sure to list any identifying marks or makers. Anything that will let your purchasers realize that this is a genuine item is essential to include. Furthermore, if there are any obvious repairs or alterations from the original it is vital to list those anomalies as well. If you are truthful, repeat business will come. Are you an expert in antique furniture? Are you an appraiser as well as a collector? If so, you can offer your appraisal assistance as well. This will always bring in extra revenue as many people are curious to understand what their family heirlooms are valued at.

Do you own a furniture store and need to get rid of surplus stock? Whether you sell new or used or both types of furniture, craigslist is where you can find potential buyers that your store may not otherwise attract. Every now and then people will only look in certain places for the things they want. Furniture is one of those items. The ads are free, and buyers can come and get the furniture. Unlike auction sites where you are accountable for distribution large bulky things like furniture, craigslist buyers come and get their items. This is a big savings in time and money for you. Another option for you, especially if you have a used furniture store, is to take items for sale on consignment. This can bring in some supplemental income as you take a percentage of the sale as a fee for providing the outlet for the person to sell in. It never hurts to try to enlarge your business into something that is multifaceted.

Another way that people become profitable with a furniture business on craigslist is with the refurbishing of old furniture and reselling it. If you know how to clean upholstery, mend and reupholster furniture, and refinish wood and veneer, you can make a respectable living just on craigslist. Many of these items can be stumbled upon in the free part of craigslist or on other websites as well. Furniture can be obtained very cheaply at thrift shops or at rental facility auctions. These items typically need a good cleaning. Some may should have the wood refinished or the veneer replaced or repaired. The less difficult the repair or task, the more money you can make. However, sometimes a full restoration is required. These are the items that you may need to sell by means of another venue. After you restore your items, take very good pictures and write your ad. Write the ad and wait for the replies. Yet another option for you, which is very good when furniture is not selling well, is to provide furniture and upholstery cleaning and repair services. This can complement the furniture sales and it keeps your business well rounded. On occasion there will be slow downs in furniture sales and that may be the time that the repair business will start to pickup. In any event, you can earn a good living repairing, and buying and selling furniture.

Generally there are a lot of ideas for earning money with a furniture business on craigslist. We have only just began to scratch the surface. Perhaps one or two of these ideas will work for you. Actually you can combine a few to really give your online business a jump start. I hope this article provided you with an idea or two that you can use.



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