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Making merry in Barbados to your heart’s content By Emily Henderson

  in Travel | Published 2016-11-10 02:34:22 | 84 Reads | Unrated


Barbados, a perfect holiday spot in Caribbean, is best known for its scenic beauties, vibrant nightlife and the mouth watering cuisines and hospitable climate.

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Whatever activity you may indulge yourself in but it will be futile to you if fail to enjoy it to your heart’s content. Making merry in Barbados is such an extraordinary activity, about which you need to very be very careful with regard to accommodation. The comfort of tourists is the top priority of Accommodation Barbados. There are dozens of hotels on the island that offer spacious and airy apartments with lots of sources of entertainment and activities. The facilities, which are provided at the h

otels, are modern, sophisticated and technologically crafted.

The hotels which are famous with regard to quality accommodation

Accra beach hotel & spa

It is a four-star hotel which is located at the south coast of Barbados. It boasts of 224 apartments for every type of tourist. All of them have the facilities of flat-screen TVs, iron with ironing board, kettle, electronic safe, mini-refrigerators, coffeemakers and Wi-Fi. As a tourist, you can also get to enjoy private balconies with scenic sights the ocean, swimming pool etc. 

All seasons resort

It is a unique three star hotel, which lies on the West coast of Barbados. Its every apartment is equipped with a personal parking space, private patio, living area, dining area, kitchenette etc. For your recreational activities, three shopping malls and several other amenities are provided to you. You just feel home away from home.

Almond beach resort

It is one of the best resorts on the island. Here, you can get the natural feel of the island because here you get to bask one white sandy beach and splash with the water.

Atlantis hotel & restaurant

It is an elegant hotel that lies in Barbados. The apartments of this hotel have beach-chic vibe that makes you holidaying more enjoyable. From here, you can get the glimpse of Atlantic Ocean. The restaurant located at this hotel serves breakfast, lunch and dinner on timely basis. 

What makes holidaying more enjoyable at Barbados?

There are many things that make your holidaying enjoyable at this island, including weather, the language, the activities that you get to indulge yourself in, cuisines etc. During summer the temperature remains 30 degrees Centigrade and during winter the temperature goes down to 24 degrees Centigrade.  The hurricane season starts from June to December, so it is not advisable to visit this island during these months. English is the language spoken with Barbadian dialect.  The famous cuisines include Bajan cuisine, cutters, Pepperpot, Flying fish etc. The famous drinks include 10 Saints, Banks brewery, rum etc. The sports that you can enjoy include Cricket, Golf, swimming with sea turtles, Aerial Trek zipline. Etc.

In a nutshell, Barbados is such an island, where you feel next to nature. Accommodation is no such problem here. 2 & 3 bedroom holiday apartment Barbados are considered the best accommodation for you if you come with your family members including your spouse, parents and kids. The accommodation charges vary from one hotel to another. Do not think that you need to pay an arm and leg to visit this island. Just chew on the German proverb ‘Let your purse be your master’ and there will be no hassles.


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