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Male Dysfunction: What Every Man Should Know By John Dugan

  in Wellness, Fitness and Diet | Published 2016-09-16 07:31:57 | 161 Reads | Unrated


At the first instance of problems getting it up or dealing with decreased manhood sensitivity, many men worry that dreaded male dysfunction has begun. Its time to bust the myths about male dysfunction.

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Male dysfunction is an enormous fear of men everywhere, of any age. More than 30 million men in the United States alone suffer from it, and the odds of it happening usually correspond with age: Even with excellent manhood care, the older a man gets, the more trouble he might have with getting it up.

The supplement industry has jumped on the fears of male dysfunction and pushed all sorts of tablets and other medications that claim to help – but true male dysfunction goes far beyond what a ‘miracle tablet’ can fix.

It’s time to get serious abou

t understanding male dysfunction in order to make an empowered, appropriate decision on how to handle it.

1) Myth #1: One bad night equals a problem. Who hasn’t had a problem with getting it up? It happens to everyone on occasion, no matter how physically fit a man is or how much he desires his partner. It usually happens after drinking too much, dealing with some jerk at the office, or being so tired it’s hard to walk straight, much less do anything else. It might be male dysfunction only if the problem persists for three months or more.

2) Myth #2: It’s a manhood problem. Though what is happening to the body shows up in manhood problems, the fact is that male dysfunction usually stems from other medical issues. High blood pressure, high cholesterol or high blood sugar can all damage the smaller blood vessels in the body, including those in the manhood. The result can be male dysfunction. Other factors might come into play as well, such as low androgen or even depression.

3) Myth #3: Bad habits have nothing to do with this. Though it would be nice to believe that all those vices don’t reach beyond the moment, that’s just not true. Smokers tend to have more problems with male dysfunction than non-smokers. The uses of illicit substances and alcohol have all been linked to male dysfunction. Drop the habits and the manhood might rise again.

4) Myth #4: androgen supplements work. That depends. A man who has been diagnosed with Low-T – anything less than 300ng/dl, as per lab tests – might benefit from prescription-strength supplements. However, many who suffer from Low-T also have other medical issues that can lead to male dysfunction, and androgen won’t make those go away.

5) Myth #5: The ‘Little Blue Tablet’ is the only option. The marketing machine behind Male enhancement products, Cialis and other common male dysfunction treatments has definitely done its job, as most men now believe that those little tablets are the only way to male dysfunction salvation. But for many, the tablets don’t work. What then? There are many other medications that work wonders, including injectable medications. (And no, those injections don’t hurt nearly as much as most men think they will.)

6) Myth #6: Getting it up means it isn’t male dysfunction. Not so fast there, hoss. Male dysfunction is defined as the inability to become stiff and keep that hardness through satisfying intimacy. But what does that mean, exactly? Some men are able to get it up but can’t get hard enough for penetration. Others get it up just fine, but can’t keep it up very long. Some simply aren’t able to get hardness at all. All of these problems are considered male dysfunction.

7) Myth #7: This is all psychological. Unfortunately, this statement is often made by intimate partners who are confused by male dysfunction and see it as a personal slight. Nothing could be further from the truth. Men who have male dysfunction often have powerful desire for their partners, which leads to terrible frustration when the equipment doesn’t work as planned. Though male dysfunction might have some psychological elements, the problem is much more than that.

Maintaining excellent manhood health

Unfortunately, there is no magic tablet or cream that will ease the issues of male dysfunction. However, maintaining overall good health – including good manhood health – is essential to ensuring that everything possible is done to curb the problem of male dysfunction. Keeping the skin smooth and supple is the job of a high-quality manhood health crème  (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven safe and mild for skin), especially one with numerous vitamins and a soothing emollient. Look for crèmes that include Shea butter for moisturizing, acetyl L carnitine for protection, and natural hydrators, such as Vitamin E.

Visit for additional information on most common manhood health issues, tips on improving manhood sensitivity and what to do to maintain a healthy manhood. John Dugan is a professional writer who specializes in men's health issues and is an ongoing contributing writer to numerous websites.



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For additional information on most common penis health issues, tips on improving penis sensitivity, and what to do to maintain a healthy penis, visit: John Dugan is a professional writer who specializes in men's health issues and is an ongoing contributing writer to numerous online web sites.