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A trusted firm offering hotel, travel & tourism market research products and services for Fortune 500 companies, non-profits and government agencies.

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Believe it or not, there are many people out there willing to travel the world just to shop. Even if they're not getting on a plane to travel abroad for new and exciting shopping destinations, they're looking for more local options to enhance their shopping experiences closer to home. They might not even want to leave the comforts of home in favour of an online or television shopping experience. Regardless of how they want to shop, consumers want as many options as possible. As a retailer or marketer, you need accurate, detailed research on shopping, t
o make sure your organization reaches the widest consumer base it possibly can.

Karen Mandala, the founder of Mandala Research has over 25 years of experience helping retailers and marketing organizations conduct the most accurate, reliable research on shopping. She and her expertly trained staff provide the data you need from the most reliable methodology and practices. Retailers from all over the world trust Mandala Research to give them the statistics they need to strategize, in order maximize profits, while exciting consumers with the goods they have to offer.

Mandala's customized research will always include data that will assist with brand awareness and image assessment, measurement of customer satisfaction, creative concepts, and product development. These are just a few of the areas that can provide information on how your store or brand is perceived by the public, and how satisfied consumers are when they shop your brick and mortar locations, or Web sites. These days, shoppers are looking for more convenient ways to obtain the goods and services they rely upon, as well as new and exciting merchandise to maintain their interest in your brand or store. Research on shopping has never been more relevant than it is today. Consumers are increasingly less brand-loyal with the ever-expanding list of options they have, and you need to really do your homework when it comes to getting, and keeping your customers. Mandala Research has provided some of the top retailers with the information they need in order to keep pace with the competition, and keep customers coming back to their brand, time and time again.

Obtaining the best research isn't nearly as expensive or as complicated as it sounds. Mandala Research has many affordable plans and options that can provide information from a variety of sources. Whether you prefer online surveys, phone surveys, or in-person focus groups, these are a few of the options you can choose from. If your establishment is membership-driven, Mandala can even poll your members to see what they love about your organization, and what areas they feel can be improved upon. Employee satisfaction is another important segment; employees who are happy to come to work and enjoy their jobs make for an even more satisfying shopping experience. Quality merchandise and services combined with knowledgeable, friendly staff are one of the many ways Mandala Research can show you how you can improve the shopping experience by increasing sales and generating loyalty.

For more information on how Mandala's research on shopping can help your organization, visit their Web site at Mandalaresearch.

Mandala Research is a trusted market research firm offering a diverse range of hotel, travel & tourism marketing research products and services for Fortune 500 companies, non-profits and government agencies. Learn more at


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