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The root canal NYC treatment for children is not the same as it is for adults. Find out how Manhattan root canal treatment differs for kids.

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 The deteriorating food habits and lack of knowledge pertaining to dental hygiene in children have led to an increasing number of tooth infections in the little ones. Losing their teeth very early on in life has been known to lead to loss of self esteem due to constant ridicule from peers. It is important to address any tooth infection in children at the earliest so it can be saved. The root canal NYC treatment for children is not the

same as that for the adults. Since the type and build of the tooth are very different, the Manhattan root canal treatment also differs. The primary teeth or the milk teeth are completely different from the permanent teeth, thus making the entire process slightly delicate and challenging.


In the case of a child, pain cannot be the only symptom of root infection. Before suggesting the Manhattan root canal treatment, the dentist will first identify the actual cause of the pain. Some of the reasons for tooth pain in kids are soreness around the milk teeth that is ready to fall off, excessive biting or grinding or tooth breakage due to a fall while playing. Only once these causes are ruled out, the endondist will consider the possibility of pulpal infection and suggest root canal NYC treatment if necessary.


Before starting the Manhattan root canal treatment, the endodontist will first confirm the presence of an infection in the nerve chamber with the help of an x-ray. This will help them understand the magnitude of the problem and the approach they will have to adopt. There are many types of root canal NYC treatment, namely pulpotomy, pulpectomy and direct and indirect pulp capping, performed on children based on the type of tooth infection and also the nature of the infection.


The direct pulp capping Manhattan root canal treatment is ideal when the decay is not very deep and intense. This method is normally adopted when the teeth get chipped and expose the nerve chamber. The indirect pulp capping is the form of root canal NYC treatment adopted when the level of infection is high. If the infection has permeated through the enamel and reached the dentin, but has not yet entered into the pulp chamber, the endodontist removes the soft dentin that is infected and leaves behind the harder part of the teeth. A temporary filling replaces the dentin and a few weeks later, after the pain and inflammation have subsided, the dentist fills it with permanent filling.


The pulpotomy is also a form of Manhattan root canal treatment performed on children. This approach, in which a certain amount of pulp is removed from the chamber, has proven to be highly successful over the years. In the case of primary teeth, more often than not, only a small section of the pulp is infected. Pulpectomy is the recommended form of root canal NYC treatment in kids if the infection is extensive. This involves the removal of the entire tissue in the pulp chamber, filling it with a permanent filling and covering the tooth with a crown. 

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