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Maximize the Effect of Brand Building Brand Raiders By Lanbo Jiang

  in Marketing | Published 2011-07-25 15:33:17 | 145 Reads | Unrated


So, brand is it It is learned that the word brand comes from the ancient Norwegian literature first, which means "Brand", which is the brand image to express the meaning of bears the scars in the minds of consumers

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So, brand is it? It is learned that the word brand comes from the ancient Norwegian literature first, which means "Brand", which is the brand image to express the meaning of bears the scars in the minds of consumers. As the name suggests, is the brand brought about by the effects of corporate brand is the business community in the corporate value of the continuation of the current brand leader in the business model, brand means the product positioning, business model, consumer groups and return.

But the radio product with other businesses, customers narrow, highly specialized,
with man made when signing the contract uncertainty for many businesses, particularly SMEs also do not pay attention to shaping the brand, but rather to focus on interpersonal on the relationship between development and PR. Although this adaptation to current conditions, but long term development of enterprises, improve the ability of the brand premium, is not conducive to the improvement of enterprise competitiveness. Therefore, the business is too small, even to create a good own brand, highlighting their characteristics and different points in the interest of enterprises bigger and stronger, build the core of market competitiveness.

However, faced with increasingly fierce market competition, how to build a business plan and systematic brand strategy is an important modern enterprise marketing. Under way to build a brand from a different perspective on brand marketing means described, to initiate, inspire enterprises to limited resources targeted to carry out marketing activities in the system combination, have the greatest brand effect:

Raiders 1: Shaping the Image of the Terminal

Terminal is to demonstrate the importance of product and corporate image "window", is also on site to communicate with consumers to achieve to reach an important purchase intention "place", thus "winning end," really true.Construction of the terminal building is divided into soft and hard terminal building terminal. The soft end, the main front line sales staff by improving the business skills and professional qualities to show product image and brand look. Hard terminals, mainly through excellent products for display, exquisite Duitou and by product color pages, posters, posters, hanging flags, the licensing legislation, x display rack and other publicity materials of the combination of products to further establish and highlight the image of the terminal .

Raiders II: Outstanding Creative Advertising

How to market process, and further determined that targeted consumer groups, clear and consumer demands, and rapid integration of newspapers, magazines, Internet and body, outdoor and other media, through creative design and advertising communication advertising, is to achieve product image and brand to promote the effective and important way to upgrade.No doubt, advertising communication is to enhance product image and brand an important means of influence, but with the current media, the growing increasingly rich and information intensive enterprises in addition to creative design in advertising from top to bottom good effort, but also the choice done enough in the media Kung Fu.

Raiders 3: Promotions Means

Promotion is important to enhance product sales, market based instruments, but also demonstrate an important form of corporate brand image. For example, through the opening of the new Kenwood radio security labels, scratch number of awards throughout the country to carry out activities to enhance the brand reputation is to promote the excellent example. At that time, Kenwood major industry media in high profile promotional efforts on the activities, attracted a lot of consumer participation, not only create sales opportunities and enhance the brand awareness and loyalty is a "rich and famous "China should learn from and promote the radio vendor.



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