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Medical Negligence: Am I a Victim? By Boston Merry

  in Medicines and Remedies | Published 2013-10-23 00:20:37 | 119 Reads | Unrated


Medical negligence occurs as a result of the negligence by the medical practitioner due to which a patient suffers from injury, harm or reduced life span.

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Medical negligence occurs as a result of the negligence by the medical practitioner due to which a patient suffers f

rom injury, harm or reduced life span.

Medicine and Law join in cases demanding possible medical negligence. These cases often become technical  and complex. For those who are affected by the medical negligence, the issues are very personal and they keep wondering that whether they should pursue medical malpractice case or not. And certainly the individual or the families are left with a lot of questions such as

What is medical negligence and how to encounter the situation and Should I hire a lawyer for my potential medical negligence case? Literature on medical errors and patient safety often use the terms "adverse event" or "sentinel event."  These terminologies are applied to relate to unneeded or unexpected harm  or injury leading from treatment, medical care and management. It is revealed from a eminent Canadian study contrary events happen in intense care hospitals at a rate of 7% per 100 patients with thirty seven percent assorted as avoidable.

Remember that every harm or injury endured during the planning of medical care will not give boost to a medical negligence. But only if the doctor will not meet the requirements of standard care that a medical negligence action may be successful. Medical negligence refers, to the result of the negligence by a professional of health care; a patient suffers harm or injury. To be successful in a medical malpractice action, a patient must be able to establish this:

How do I know if my situation involved Medical negligence or not? Remember your first client contact with your medical practitioner, we take a detailed history and assessed that whether injuries and potential damages falls within our proficiency and expertise or not. We began with obtaining the relevant medical records for review to determine the medical history. To get expert medical opinion expert consultation is sought to ascertain that if there were any flaws which caused injury or harm. Subsequent to the investigation we will recommend proceeding with the case.

The issues regarding the standard of care provided to the patient usually are complex. Detailed investigation must include separate medical analysis as well as legal analysis to bring truth to light. Generally, time limitation for medical negligence action is two years. The applicable limitation period of each case is according to specific circumstances of each case. In cases of minor children, deceased persons, or persons under a legal disability time limitation may vary.



It is important to seek legal assistance if you suffer from medical negligence, treatment, or management. you have the right to justice thus you deserve that a thorough and  comprehensive assessment of your medical history and injuries must be conducted and reviewed with an appropriate medical expert to determine if there was any substandard of care, which caused injury or harm. Each person or situation must be assessed on an individual basis that should include separate medical and well as legal analysis. medical negligence



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