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Medical negligence: An evaluation of legal standpoint By Boston Merry

  in Medical Business | Published 2013-10-12 23:33:49 | 121 Reads | Unrated


Here you'll get to know what is Medical negligence in treatment a doctor does to a patient that moves away from the established standard of performance and gives rise to an injury to the patient.

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Here you'll get to know what is Medical negligence in treatment a doctor does to a patient that moves away from the established standard of performance and gives rise to an injury to

the patient.

What is Medical Negligence or Medical malpractice? Medical negligence suggests the laxity done by the health care professional or provider in which substandard treatment provided are provided  and that cause injury, harm, or death to a person under treatment. What Medical malpractice law provides medical malpractice or Medical negligence law offers an opportunity for the patients to get back reimbursement for any harm followed by the low-grade or second rate treatment.

The regulations and standards for medical negligence vary somewhat from country to country, within a number of countries. The medical practice law may vary from jurisdictions to jurisdiction. A doctor, hospital, or other professionals of health care services are not accountable to all or any harm the patient could undergo. The doctors are only lawfully accountable for the injuries and harm that happened as a consequence of their deviation from providing the quality care that no doctor should normally neglect.

The most esteemed newspaper" USA Today" reported  a few months ago a case of medical negligence that happened to Dana Carvey at  Saturday Night Live alumni. About two months later the next bypass operation was suggested that might save his life. Later the patient was informed that the surgeon bypassed the wrong arteries. Dana Carvey felt rather in a different way, and later, he filed a $7.5 million a lawsuit of $7.5 in opposition to the hospitals and the surgeon. Take another example of medical negligence.  A 67 year old woman, alias Joan Morris, was admitted to a hospital in the USA to have performed angiography. After the operation was over, Ms. Morris was sent to a different room on a different floor than her original. Instead of being discharged as planned the next morning, she was taken away quickly for another open heart procedure performance.

A few years ago, an aged person of 65 years old was admitted in a hospital in Tampa, Florida for the amputation of his leg.  But, the doctor performed wrong leg amputation. By the time the doctor could realize his mistake, it was too late to reverse the wrong. The attending doctor had to pay fine of $ 12.000, besides the revocation of his license. The stories above are really horrifying enough. But, they highlight not only the medical negligence but the urgent necessity for the patients to be alert in regard to providers of health care. In addition, existing survived patients or the members of the families of the departed patients require seeking justice where it is not done.


To be victorious in a medical negligence  lawsuit, the claimant must prove by a predominance of the substantiation that the doctor or the health care providers had breached in their performance of duty, causing wounds and damages to the claimant or plaintiff. medical negligence



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