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Milan bottomless pit sale By miaoxiang miaoxiang

  in Death | Published 2012-10-17 00:55:31 | 494 Reads | Unrated


When Juve signings target "super-forward" from Sergio Aguero into Rossi, Vucinic has become; when AC Milan's signings target "X President" into Fabregas Hamsik

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When Juve signings target "super-forward" from Sergio Aguero into Rossi, Vucinic has become; when AC Milan's signings target "X President" into Fabregas Hamsik, has changed To Aquilani; when Sanchez Soccer Jersey Wholesale was stolen Inter goal, Eto'o once again be dredged, food and clothing of the Inter also exposed the huge deficit ... people ask why so many poor Serie A? Returned from the front of a group of AC Milan season ticket price sale of data is enough to expose the biggest Serie A malignant tumor. Detract from the Serie A defending champion, 19 league games of the lowest season ticket price actually only 160 euros, not to mention the only file fares with Arsenal 1 / 7, even the nest of the Super Bowl after blasting San Siro Tickets can be! Rossoneri package is vigorously promote the process, due to the progress of ticket sales is not satisfactory, so Milan decided to cut prices. After the introduction of the latest package price is a little too amazing: League 19 games minimum ticket price is only a mere 160 euros, the lowest ticket price of the Champions League three games only 35 euros! Of course, the Rossoneri's season ticket price span is relatively large. The most expensive of the San Siro F, G stands (front VIP grandstand) for league ticket fare is %u20AC 4,400 and %u20AC 4,000, Champions League Youth Soccer Jersey ticket fare is 650 euros. But this price, the San Siro stadium had to provide parking spaces and some drinks, meals and so on. Lower than the mainstream fare, the most famous, the fans also had the highest attendance of the "South Stand" on the package price is divided into several files, high 400-420 euros, 200-210 euros lower, the lowest bottom stands on the league ticket price is only 160 euros! Champions League ticket price of 35 euros! We may make two contrasts. First, 160 euro package is that concept? According to the latest exchange rate is about 1480 yuan, and the ticket price of 19 games or even just enough to see this summer in the Bird's Nest stadium in a Italian Super Cup! As we all know, the nest on the Super Bowl, not very strong background is difficult to get so-called "cheap tickets", most fans are more than 1000 yuan was able to watch the economic costs of the Super Bowl. But if it is in the San Siro stadium? This price can be seen almost a dozen games in Serie A! Why Milan, Berlusconi used the opportunity to cup crazy "thanked the Chinese?" This set of comparable data, you can see the problem. Furthermore, Arsenal have been introduced in July the official New Kappa Jersey, Emirates Stadium lowest season ticket price increase of 4 percent, went to 925 pounds (1063 euros), Milan season ticket price is almost seven times. Ten million must not forget that the ownership of Arsenal Emirates Stadium own, all match day income can be filled into the club accounts; the San Siro stadium in Milan rental, a large part of match day income will be paid Puma Jerseys Wholesale as rent to the City of Milan . One to one to go, Arsenal Milan revenue after blasting is not surprising.



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