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Modeling Jobs, Casting Calls, All Shapes, Sizes, Colors and Ages Needed By Marianne Conway

  in Jobs | Published 2013-10-21 10:28:27 | 239 Reads | Unrated


How to find a modeling gigs and upcoming casting calls. Which gigs fit into which category, including musician and dance gigs. How to find gigs in the entertainment industry and how to get auditions.

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There are print modeling jobs as well as runway video and film entertainment gigs available for people of different ages, sizes, shapes, colors, sexes and genetic make-up. The entertainment world revolves around New York and Los Angeles, yet there is activity occurring all over the world. Images of people help to sell billions of dollars in products. Everything from the hand model that show off diamond rings, to foot models, who rake-in millions in shoe sales, images of people and products are a big part of the modeling gigs available. From Payless shoes to $3 million dollar Stuart
Weitzman shoes, models are the common denominator. Acting Auditions In the category of acting, there are acting jobs for commercials, episodes, feature films, reality TV and extras. Not all of these jobs require extensive experience or a high profile track-record. In most cases there are hundreds of thousands of jobs. The more you audition for , the more work you will get. Stay focused and balance, you can do this. Modeling Auditions Modeling jobs include gigs for commercials, industrial/training, runway modeling, hair and cosmetic modeling, print, music videos, trade shows, realty TV and of course Internet modeling. Musician Jobs This category includes gigs for vocals, strings, horns, keyboards, drums, band and DJ. These gigs are located all over the United States, but can be accessed if travel or relocation is an option. Dance Auditions This category includes entertainment gigs for ballet, modern jazz, hip-hop, blub and go-go, traditional and Latin, choreography and even teacher’s positions. Images Agencies will usually want a minimum of one head shot and one body shot. It helps if you have these images taken professionally. However if you don’t have the finances hire a professional make-up artist and photo professional, you can have a friend take head shots. Cover Letter Your cover letter to a modeling agency should include your past experience, your clothing size and shoe size. Include a short message on why you want to be a model and why you think you have what it takes to succeed. Training and Confidence Get ALL the training you can get, paid and free. The more training you acquire the more confidence you will processes. Confidence is key in this business. One way to keep your confidence up is to understand that you can’t fill ALL the modeling or acting jobs out there. But until the final decision is made, you are the best person for the job, no exceptions. It’s sort of like standing on a see-saw with one foot on the right side and one foot on the left side. Stay balanced, stay focused, stay positive. Stay away from negative thoughts, comments and conversations about other individuals who are auditioning for the same gig. Stay mentally above the masses, and it will be easier to glide when and if rejection should come your way. Online Modeling Web Sites Not all modeling web sites are created equally. It is always best to do your research and sign-up with the best web site platform. You usually can tell which sites are good at bringing producers, and modeling agencies together with potential actor/actress and models by the feedback that the web visitors give on and off the site. How many Facebook “Likes” do they have? How many Twitter followers? Is the Facebook page active? Are people actually getting work?



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