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More And More Consumers Are Looking For A Moped In Quebec By Seo Manager

  in Sports | Published 2010-07-22 00:27:49 | 145 Reads | Unrated


As the prices of petrol continue to fluctuate, and threaten to go skyward, people are starting to search for alternative means of transportation.

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As the prices of petrol continue to fluctuate, and threaten to go skyward, people are starting to search for alternative means of transportation. For some, this may come in the form of using public transport or carpooling. However, to many that isn’t a reasonable option, as they need to be able to come and go whenever necessary without working out schedules. That’s why more and more people are looking for a moped in Quebec.

Tomos Canada, at offers an extensive line of mopeds for those seeking a moped in Quebec. These mopeds are not only well built and very reliable they av
erage 100 Miles Per Gallon! With gas mileage this good, it’s no wonder that buying a moped in Quebec has become a common event. Mopeds are wonderful for short trips-they are easy to ride, simple to park, and cost so much less to run than a car, that people who ride a moped in Quebec say they have saved so much money on fuel and insurance, that the cost of the moped was saved in less than a year.

If you are looking for a company with an excellent reputation for great mopeds, look no further than Tomos Canada. Not only are their mopeds well designed and made, but if you want a moped in Quebec to also be attractive, this is the place to go! Their LX model of a moped in Quebec is a classy shape, with a motorcycle style build, while their Arrow R moped in Quebec model, is more of a traditional moped shape. All of their mopeds are automatic clutch, making them very easy to learn to ride. If you’re looking for a moped in Quebec that’s also not too heavy, as this is a concern for some people, the Arrow R model weighs in at only 140lbs.

When you’re looking for a moped in Quebec, be sure also to look at the maximum carry weight, as some models can carry more weight than others. The Arrow R moped can only carry 220lbs, and for some people this can be inhibiting. The Revival TS however, is a great option for those of larger stature. This moped in Quebec can carry 300lbs, and for the majority of moped riders in Quebec, this is plenty of load room.

Another feature to consider when searching online for a moped in Quebec is what kind of start it has. For most people who are new to mopeds, an electric start is preferred. A moped in Quebec with an electric start is less likely to freeze-up in cold weather, and usually offers a quieter start. If you’re going to purchase a moped in Quebec, be sure to look at Tomos Canada’s selection before you buy. You can visit them online at tomoscanada.

For those who have never owned a moped in Quebec, be sure to contact your ministry of transportation to be sure you do not need any special licenses, insurance or inspection to drive your new moped in Quebec.

Tomos, a Solvenian manufacturer of motor sports products, has a storied history. The company has manufactured quality motorbikes, scooters, and other motor sports products for the Eastern European market for over 50 years. For more information, visit


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