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Mother of the Bride? Dresses Are the Least of Your Worries By Sarrah Beaumont

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"And they lived happily ever after

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"And they lived happily ever after..."

That, naturally, is the ending you want for your daughter and the love of her life. But what about you? You deserve to live happily ever after, too. The last thing you want to do is see your daughter come home from her honeymoon to a pile of wedding debts.

Mother, Meet Your Tab

As the mother of the bride, your duty goes above and beyond checking out mother of the bride dresses or accompanying your daughter as she looks at the wedding dresses in Toronto. What you really need to check on is her spending. Is your
daughter throwing financial well-being out of the window so you can throw her dream wedding?

The average wedding spending in the U.S is $22,000. Sounds low? Well, that average includes couples who get married in city hall with only a handful of friends to take out to lunch after! Considering the price tag of the mother of the bride dresses your daughter has been egging you to pick, there is every bit of a chance her wedding (wedding invitations and favors tossed in) will cost much more than average.

But why are weddings so expensive?

Spend in Haste, Regret in Leisure

Experts rack it up to social pressure - the pressure to do more in every area. More flowers, more courses, more bridesmaids, more expensive mother of the bride dresses for the two moms in the family, more guests - you name it, the couples' parents are conned into paying for it.

Going overboard on the spending is fine - you can even have seeds of pearls embroidered on mother of the bride dresses and that of the whole entourage's if that's what you want. But can you afford it? Considering that more and more brides are choosing to marry later in life, their parents are more likely near retirement age by the time they say, "I do." Do you really see yourself working well onto your 70s just to pay for your daughter's wedding?

How to Financially Happy Ever After

Fortunately, there are options and choosing the cheapest mother of the bride dresses is not the only one on the list. Below are some of the ways you can reduce the tab.

1. Offer the couple a hefty wad of cash and ask them to elope. Tell them to fly to Paris, where elopement and secret marriages are considered romantic.

2. Draw out a mother-daughter prenup. Spell out on paper who pays for what, and how much by way of budget your daughter has to work with.

3. Economize where you can. Do this by making your daughter make a list of what's essential and what's not. Food is essential; favors are not. The groom and his family are essential; the groom's dad's friends from work are not.

Remember, your duty goes above and beyond picking out impeccable mother of the bride dresses. It's to throw your daughter a wedding that won't throw your bank accounts off. And if none of the tips I gave work, you can always try persuading your daughter it's much more romantic to get married in Timbuktu.

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