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Moving office effectively By Angel Raika

  in Home Management | Published 2017-08-22 08:23:41 | 116 Reads | Unrated


Moving an office is extremely hard and cause unnecessary stress to participants if they did not make a careful plan. If you are assigned to lead the office moving task, this is the time for you to prove yourself to with tips on moving the office as smoothly as possible. The tips below will focus on how to prepare everything in your company for the time of your move.

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1. Choose the right company specializing in office moving

The first is to choose the right home moving service, with dozens of moving companies with competitive prices, you may be confused in making your decision. But be careful, make sure the moving company matches your type of company because moving home and moving office is completely different. In addition to the more rigorous requirements of transport skills, it is important that you should not choose too cheap service because it is risky for your company's valuable assets (furniture, office supplies, electronics, etc.) I

t is best idea to contact office moving companies eight to twelve weeks before the moving date.

2. Make plan and arrange space in the new office

You need to understand the design of the new office and ask the moving company for advice and support. Stick the label and using color to mark on the floor to make sure everything will be put in the right place according to the office design. Be careful to measure the layout of the new office so that everything is arranged as exact as possible.

3. Distribute an office relocation guide for all employees.

In the guide, information should be provided to help people prepare well their property for the move, ensuring that everyone knows that they need to mark everything (preferably color ). In addition, divide the roles for each employee to make it easier for them to be involved in the migration process, such as division of employee representation into teams or areas of need. Clear and point out specific goals.

4. Pack the furniture carefully

There are a few rules to follow during packing:

Make sure your employees pack their belongings and stick their names on each box clearly.

Always keep small items such as documents, documents, and books together to save space, and you do not need to remove the files from the filing cabinet, just lock the cabinet and move to a new location. This will save a lot of time taken out and put in.

5. Use the locker at the office

There will be some things you do not need for daily work in the office, why not put them in storage cabinets, shipping companies will give you useful advice on cabinetry or storage media. Is most suitable for storage and retrieval when needed.

Lastly, pre-planning and avoiding forgetting things at the last minute is the key to success, so write or print a checklist so you can keep track of all the work needs to be completed before, during and after the move.

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