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Natural Treatment For Irregular Periods To Regulate Menstrual Cycle By Jack Luke

  in Medicines and Remedies | Published 2016-10-11 09:35:48 | 162 Reads | Unrated


Gynecure capsules are the best natural treatment for irregular periods to regulate menstrual cycle and improve reproductive health.

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A number of women suffer from missed monthly flow, spotting, too frequent flow, heavy clotting but have no options but to take endocrine based synthetic therapies. The problem of irregular flow can happen in the peri menopausal phase where the woman gets mild spotting or heavy flow unexpectedly. Everyday stress increases burden on adrenals and causes exhaustion and hence, women who suffer from excessive stressful situations are prone to risk of irregular flow. There are other women who have regular flow but get episodes of flow in two to three months, or they may have heavy flow in two to t

hree months' time. The disruption to the natural flow of endocrines in women body can happen due to genetic factors, physical condition or exposure to harsh chemicals or radiations.

Medicine abuse, smoking, caffeine, eating disorder, excess stress, alcohol abuse and uterine abnormalities raise the risk of irregular flow. Intake of certain pills and the condition of fibroids can also cause it. In the conventional system of medicine, the condition of irregular periods is considered ‘benign' ( i.e. harmless), even though missed periods raises anxiety related to pregnancy and fertility, and excess flow can cause weakness as well as deficiencies to make it difficult for the woman to do everyday tasks comfortably. Most of these conditions can be easily cured without facing side effects by taking natural treatment for irregular periods.

Most of the condition of irregular monthly flow is linked to imbalance of endocrines and in many cases, the endocrine flow is altered due to stress, anxiety or medical conditions such as diabetes - which have indirect impact on female flows. There are many women who have regular flow and sometimes, they experience shift in flow due to change in endocrine flow while some women suffer from these problems from the start of puberty or acquire it later after childbirth. One needs to restore the lost balance to regulate menstrual cycle and repair the damage to the endocrines by taking natural treatment for irregular periods.

The natural treatment for irregular periods contains powerful herbs to regulate menstrual cycle. Symplocos racemosa is one of the ingredients in Gynecure capsules as it contains phyto compounds to heal the reproductive organ. If taken orally Symplocos works as astringent in the digestive tract to help in wound healing and this was tested on rats where it was able to reduce wound area significantly, on the intake of few dose of the extracts. This works as antiseptic which can get rid of infections and cleanse the female tract to get rid of unwanted depositions.

The ethanolic extract of the bark is recommended for various female disorders, and this was tested in laboratory on rats where the use of cold restraint stress was used to induce stress and the use of the bark in two different doses was able to cure reproductive dysfunction in rats. The oral intake was able to stimulate FSH level and also caused the rise of LH in serum in rats and hence, it is mentioned for uterine disorders and uterine infections. The capsules contain various other herbs to support female reproductive organ - strength and vitality.

Read about Herbal Treatment For Irregular Menstrual Cycle. Also know Herbal Remedy For Irregular Periods. Read about Irregular Menstruation Treatment.



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