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Natural Ways To Improve Female Libido And Treat Lack Of Sex Drive Prob By Jack Luke

  in Medicines and Remedies | Published 2017-01-26 12:01:53 | 167 Reads | Unrated


Fantasy capsules are the best natural ways to improve female libido and treat lack of sex drive problem without any negative effects.

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A research on female libido in Belgium involving 15048 women in age for 16 to 74 found about 40 percent of women suffered from dysfunction, lack of desire, lack of arousal or stimulation and inability to enjoy due to pain or no stimulation. These problems can cause distress in women who keep shifting between body image problems, psychological or relationship issues, work exhaustion, childbirth or birth control pills to anti-depressants. A number of such women face lubrication difficulty and this kind of problem is more common in younger women.

Women complain of dryness, dehyd

ration, reactions or side effects of using prescription medicines, endocrine imbalance and many suffer from various other difficulties. The rate gets higher in women in age above 50. Pain due to low lubrication and low desire is common in 7 percent of women in 30s and 40s and after 50 most women suffer from pain due to menopause and loss of lubrication. This can be embarrassing problem for women and physicians may not talk about such issues while, women have to figure out the problem on their own and they can adopt natural ways to improve female libido to treat lack of sex drive.

Most couples talk of dissatisfaction in a relationship and many have conflicting desires or views about one self - body image, power, role in family etc. Physical intimacy may go away due to job worries, pressures of family, work pressures, depression, substance abuse or influence of the environment. Many people have a lot on their mind and may not think about focusing on being intimate. Although the media shows conjugal activities as fast and spontaneous - this may not be the case in real life. Ashwagandha or Withania somnifera belongs to the set of herbs used to treat lack of sex drive - categorized as adaptogens and aphrodisiacs. The chemicals constituents in the herb can calm down the brain, reduce inflammation, protect the tissues and improve immune functions of the brain. This has libido boosting properties and can help in reducing the problem of dissatisfaction in conjugal functions. Natural ways to improve female libido can be provided by Fantasy capsules which contain Ashwagandha.

It has been observed that a number of women suffer from prolonged stress and this can cause the release of cortisol which enters the blood flow and causes a lack of drive. The use of ashwagandha regularly can help in providing the body with anti-stress agents – bio-chemicals such as acyl steryl glycosides, sitoindoside VII and sitoindoside VIII. The herb was tested on 64 humans who were suffering from chronic stress and the study found the intake of the herb for 60 days - which contained a capsule of 300 mg, resulted in significant reduction in the stress levels.

The herb has the power to stimulate the production of compounds which can dilate blood vessels and improve blood flow to the genitals to enhance desire. Shatavari, another popular herb in Fantasy capsules, is used to treat lack of sex drive as it is a dietary source of estrogens. It was traditionally used for constipation, anxiety, diabetes and endocrine imbalance.

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