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Natural cancer treatment By

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Researchers have made a very promising discovery in the field of natural cancer treatment... "Marine Phytoplankton" has been found effective in treating several types of cancer. But only marine phytoplankton that has been grown in REAL ocean water.

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Cancer has become a major threat to the modern society. The number of those affected keeps on rising every day. New strains of cancer alternative cancer treatment are being detected with no effective prevention or cure being discovered. However there are some very effective natural cancer treatment methods that can be used to cure cancer. It is very possible to make use of alternative medicine to cure cancer. Some of these methods can be used hand in hand with the normal medications. For pai
n relieve one can make use of aromatherapy, hypnosis, music therapy, and acupuncture among others. To control fatigue one can do exercises, massage, yoga and any other relaxation techniques. To solve sleep problems once can make use of relaxations techniques, yoga, and exercise.

The cancer treatment options mostly depend on advancement stages of the cancer growth. The doctor involved should give proper advice to the patient. This will make the patient aware of the available options and what each operation involves. When it comes to surgery, it can be used to diagnose if it is cancer, for treatment, and also for prevention. It is usually effective when cancer has not spread much. Chemotherapy where drugs are administered is also another way being employed to combat cancer. Radiation therapy is also used where high energy levels are used to destroy the cancer cells. It can be used by itself or in combination with the other methods. Sometimes target therapy is also used which targets specific cells and not damaging the good normal cells. There is also another treatment method known as immunotherapy where one’s own immune system is used to fight off cancer. There are other remedies for cancer for cancer being used such as hyperthermia, where heat is used to treat cancer. Others methods being employed are photodynamic therapy stem cell transplant, laser treatment, blood transfusion among others.
Biological therapy is also being used as a therapy for cancer. It involves the use of some substances derived from living organisms or sometimes organisms produced in a laboratory with the aim of treating cancer. Gene therapy can also be used to treat some types of cancers.

There are a number of foods that have been found to prevent cancer. It is good for people to know about these foods. It has been found that a number of foods prevent cancer. Plant based foods have been found to be very effective. These are fruits, nuts, grains, beans, vegetables, and also whole grains. The foods one takes should be less processed. Increasing the amount of fiber has also been found to be very effective. Fiber ensures that the digestive system is clean thus removing cancer causing compounds from the body before they can start growing. People are also supposed to cut down on meat. Meat does not have cancer protection and prevention properties. There is also no fiber in meat. When eating meat make sure you go for leaner meat such as chicken fish and turkey. These can help to provide alternative cancer treatment and also help people keep away from cancer.



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