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Needs books in small quantities? Use a short run book printer By ted mark

  in Business | Published 2014-04-08 01:46:42 | 163 Reads | Unrated


Self publishing is a theme that is coming up strong all over the world. Many new authors are using the concept of self publishing to launch digital editions

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Self publishing is a theme that is coming up strong all over the world. Many new authors are using the concept of self publishing to launch digital editions of their books. While the concept is very novel there is one issue with it - most of the readers still prefer print versions of books. The reasons vary from tradition to access to e-Readers and so

on. So, if as a new author you need to reach out to the mass book printing is still a more viable choice. And to ensure that you don't lose out money on your endeavour choose a short run book printer.


Having mentioned the importance of book printing we would also like to emphasize that going the digital way also works. Amazon Kindle has an amazing array of ebooks in its catalogue. For a new author it is one of the best platforms to access to reach out to readers. Visit the Amazon Kindle store and you will find many books being available free of cost and many that cost less than a dollar. This is what many new authors are doing. And as per data 70% of buyers from the Kindle Store buy books that are less than $5.99 in value. So, if you stay within this range there is a fine chance of being able to sell your book on this digital platform.


At the same time it is also good to get in touch with a short run book printer to ensure that the traditional brick and mortar bookstores also display your book on their shelves.


But why go short run for book printing? The reasons given below should be enough evidence.


A short run book printer helps you save money on book printing. Bulk offset printing is more economical but then you have to have a large number of copies printed. A short run printer, on the other hand, will charge you more per book but your overall cost will be much lower than offset printing. As a new author you are not sure what the reaction to your first book will be. Using the service of a short run printer is like testing the water. You have a few copies printed and then make your decision depending on the kind of reception you get for your book.


Short run printing also helps you manage space. When you have a large number of books printed and if they don't sell you are left with a large, unsold stock. Simply arranging for storage space could eat into your finances. This is something you can avoid by printing short run.


And then there is the usual advantage of working with a short run book printer. Place your order online and you can get your book completely customized. You are given all the options and you simply need to choose. You can place the order and have your printed books delivered to you or kept packed for you to pick up. Book printing was never so easy.

For  book printing  in small quantities you have to hire  short run book printer    to save cost.



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