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Fashion is extremely seductive, slightly...
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Nerdy Turtlez’s online writing jobs- for active freelance writers By Mac Larry

  in Career | Published 2017-09-21 03:55:28 | 473 Reads | Unrated

Summary provides the online writers with the world of opportunities. This service is meant for both academic and freelance writers. The articles highlight the significance of the service, how it works and talent expected from the writers. From the world over this is the largest platform for the freelancer

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Nerdy Turtlez offers online academic writing jobs where you can get paid anytime for writing online. Nerdy Turtlez is the legit online academic and freelance writing company. Our service in India acts as the medium that facilitates content orders, advocate for writing skills, and inform you on what to do best by communicating with the customers.

Our services are also available in India, Kenya, Bangla

desh, Ukraine, Philippines, and Pakistan. Right now we have 50, 000 projects under our belt. Our service is highly appreciated for quality. Our quality score at present is 9.4. Currently, our strength of happy freelancers are 839. Every day we have ten new applications. The core set of our values comprises of integrity, diversity, creativity, quality, innovation, and sustainability.

Our service is popular for SEO best practices.  So, apply for the online writing jobs on our website. Begin as an official freelancer and take advantage of the well-paid job. You will gain several opportunities of website copy writing which will increase your opportunities as online freelance writing. We are the web’s leading source for online writing jobs for active freelancers. So, join us today and together with our internet’s best writers you can generate a quality content.

At, you can leverage your unique knowledge to land into the online freelancing job. You may start earning now by applying your real world knowledge to online academic writing. To become an expert, you must have worked hard, and we value the efforts. You can turn your experience into income in the online writing industry through high payment. If you give high quality content and top scoring assignments, then you can demand rates among the highest. Your knowledge, experience, and writing skills are our strength. Both our readers and the robots are benefitted by an excellent SEO content generated by our loyal writers.

As a freelance writer, you will have several benefits working with our online writing jobs at Nerdy Turtlez. Firstly, we welcome writers from different experience level. Our service believes in giving equal opportunity to everyone. We hire writers without the decade of experience. You can start your career with us and take it to the next level.

Secondly, we provide a proactive assistance from you.  You can receive a 24x7 help from our administrators and editors on any project-specific issues. You will receive instant help from us during business hours. Thirdly, we provide the flexibility to choose your desired discipline for writing. Unlike other websites, we do not assign tasks randomly to your account. Your writing adventure remains undisturbed by our service.

Fourthly, our service follows a golden rule, “Pay on time”. We do not intend to mess with someone’s payment. Our company has transparent pre-project payment structure. You will be paid twice in a month. You will be happy to work with Nerdy Turtlez, as there are no frills, no fuss, with invoices and money transfer. You can earn up to $60 per page. So, sprint your fingers and earn high.  Fifthly, we provide you with long-term projects. You will be so much busy that you do not need to refer to other sites for work. By working with us, you will have content deliverables worth of multiple months. We also dedicate a series of these tasks to a single writer so that you can have a level of consistency in writing.

You can become the part of our team with simple 15 minutes of registration. You need to pass an online test to prove your talent and writing skills.  Once you pass the test, you can start witting with us.  You will be given orders immediately as you join and you may start at your convenience. Our academic writing department expects you to write captivating projects. Our content writing department offers SEO, copywriting, blogging, resume writing, creative writing tasks. The only criterion for academic writing is to provide us plagiarised free content, with appropriate formatting and referencing style. For academic writing, the expert must have extensive research skills and in depth knowledge of the subject. You will be showered with premium orders if you become the popular nerd.

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Dibyajit Dey Tapadar is one of the highly demanded academic writers. He loves taking challenging tasks and is ready to accomplish projects of different jonours. He has satisfied all the clients by his passion for writing. He is professional in his work and engages in open communication.



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