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Baby Fingers provides first class sign language classes for babies.

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In scientific studies, an early-learning curriculum incorporating American Sign Language has been shown to help babies develop their language acquisition and comprehension. The New York based sign language program Baby Fingers is now offering a plethora of exceptional classes to help parents take advantage of this research and provide their child with a first-class foundation for the future.

Founder of Baby Fingers, Lora Heller, quickly discovered the educational merits of teaching sign language to young children when she began teaching basic signs to her baby son, Ezekiel.
Her moment of inspiration came when Ezekiel, aged six months, first signed "I love you" to her. That was the inspiration for Lora to create a structured curriculum based on her graduate research and work that would help children to increase their linguistic competency and tighten the bond between parent and child.

Thanks to innovative teaching techniques such as those taught at Baby Fingers, more parents are starting to realize the benefits that sign language classes can provide for their babies. These innate educational benefits stem from the compatibility between the nature of learning development in children and the way in which an understanding of sign language is formed. This compatibility means that classes at Baby Fingers act as the perfect beginning to education for both deaf and non-deaf children.

In Baby Fingers' Music for Babies sign language classes, parents and children will learn how to interact together through music as they form a tight-knit bond. These highly stimulating classes incorporate live and recorded music that will engage the child as they listen, learn, and move to the music. The classes also incorporate books and storytelling, which help provide young children with an understanding of sentence structure and use of words.

For those who wish to provide a structured foundation for their baby or toddler's physical development, try Baby Fingers' Sign and Stretch classes. The creative environment offered through these classes help parents and children to bond through movement, song and yoga poses. Through the different thematic modalities within this course, parents will inherit a greater understanding of their child's physical development.

As a professional teaching institute, each of the instructors at Baby Fingers has completed a specific teacher-training course in order to qualify for their position. Baby Fingers' instructors have backgrounds within the field of early childhood education, deaf education, social work, psychology, child development, speech therapy, performance and/or one of the creative arts therapies. While all lead teachers at Baby Fingers hold a Master's Degrees or Bachelor's Degrees within their field in addition to exceptional levels of related work experience, they are provided with on-going professional development.

From affordable class prices to exceptional teaching resources, Baby Fingers has everything your babies need for a highly rewarding introduction to sign language and music. Give your child the best foundation for their future by selecting from Baby Fingers' varied class list today.

About Baby Fingers:
Created in 2000, Baby Fingers is an innovative teaching company that uses a unique combination of American Sign Language, music, games, stories and dramatic play to aid the child's development in the areas of language, spatial reasoning, and motor skills. For more information about the company and the classes they offer, please visit mybabyfingers.

Baby Fingers LLC, founded by Lora Heller, Board Certified and Licensed Music Therapist with a M.Sc. in Special Education/Deaf Education, specializing in music mediated sign language instruction. For more information, visit   



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